Why handicap soccer betting is so interesting?


Soccer betting is one of the commonest and popular forms of betting around the world. Hundreds of matches are played in Europe and America in different formats of the game; hence, bettors never find any dearth of tournaments or matches. The soccer betting markets are also highly diversified. So, you have a whole lot of markets to choose from and finding your betting interest. Handicap soccer betting is one such interesting and popular betting market that enthuses millions of betters across the globe. If you find it interesting then you must take into account handicap soccer predictions to understand how this market works and how to play with more chances of odds. Initially, it may seem a bit tricky but as you get accustomed to it and pick the right handicap soccer predictions, you will find it really interesting to gamble.


A quick look at handicap soccer betting 

Handicap betting is a quite unique category of sports betting especially soccer betting where a match is homogenized when there is a clear sign that one of the sides is much stronger than the other side. So, when there is a clear sign that a team or side has high chance of winning either his strength is lowered or opponent’s strength is elevated in the betting. After analyzing the environment, you can select a handicap as available in a bookmaker’s site or market and participate in betting.

Let’s discuss two examples of handicap betting for a better understanding of the betting type and how to handicap soccer predictions are made:

  • 5 handicap in a match between Bradford City and Cambridge United which is represented as Bradford City (-0.5) Vs. Cambridge United (0.5). In this betting, Cambridge United is given an advantage of half-a-goal. Now, if are backing Bradford City and they win the match, you are the winner in the betting. However, if you are backing Bradford City and the match ends in a draw, you lose the bet. On the other hand, if you are backing Cambridge United, you win the bet if they draw or win the match as they already 0.5 points ahead of the opponent.

  • 0 handicap in a match between Bradford City and Cambridge United which is represented as Bradford City (-1.0) Vs. Cambridge United (1.0). In this betting, the market has already given one-goal advantage to Cambridge United. If you are supporting Bradford City, they need to win the match by 2-0 to give you a win in the betting. If the result of the match is 1-0, in the handicap betting market it becomes 1-1 and the match draws. In that case, you get your stake back. On the other hand, if you are supporting Cambridge United and they draw the match with any scorecard, you win the match as they are already with an advantage of 1 goal.

So, it is obvious that the implementation of handicap is prime to odds of this betting. This is why handicap soccer predictions are important to increase the number and chance of wins. Otherwise, you have to take your own decisions to increase the chance of winning. The above examples are called single handicap betting. For better understanding and responsible betting, you need complete knowledge of all different categories of handicap betting and how handicap soccer predictions work.


Types of handicap bets

There are three types of handicap betting circulating in the market. Quality handicap soccer predictions are available in all these three categories. However, you need to have in-depth knowledge of all these three types of handicap bets in order to bet confidently.


  • Level handicap – In this category of handicap betting, no perceived difference in the strength of the two opponents is noticed or fixed. In Level handicap, both the teams start at 0-0 position. Here, the bettor has to predict which can score more goals through expert predictions or with the help of handicap soccer predictions as available online. If the match ends in a draw, your stake is refunded since no team was given any advantage.


  • Single handicap – In this handicap betting a perceived difference in the strengths of the two teams is noticed. In this case, the superior team is handicapped with certain points to even the strength, e.g. it may be -1.0, -2.0, etc. For instance, if your favorite team is handicapped with -1.0, you win the bet if the team actually scores 2 goals more than the opponent. If the score is 1-0 in reality, then the result for the bettors is 0-0 and match is drawn. In this situation also, your stake is refunded. Thus, perfection in the prediction matters a lot. Thus, taking expert guidance of expert handicap soccer predictions can enhance your chance of winning.


  • Split handicap – This is the most advanced form of handicap betting. Here, bettors distribute their stakes in two equal or unequal halves. You might distribute the stake for your favorite team at 0 and -0.5 or 0.5 and 1.0, etc. Depending on the actual score in the match you may win in both cases or in anyone. Sometimes, in split handicaps, handicap soccer predictions from top-graded online soccer betting tips providers might come handy.


What is Asian Handicap betting?

Asian handicap is an exclusive soccer betting which is extremely popular in several football-playing nations in Asia. It’s a kind of split betting. There are two types of handicaps in this realm – half goal like (0.5, 2.5) and full goal like (1, 2). Asian handicap eliminates the possibility of drawing keeping two chances open, i.e. either winning or losing. Today, several soccer betting sites have opened Asian betting market format for European and American leagues as well.
There are intensive mathematics and logic in this category of betting, but the matter gets clear once you start taking the support of expert handicap soccer predictions. Experts in this realm consider several measurable parameters and keep updates of all matches, teams’ standards, past performances of the players, and several other aspects to understand which team can take upper hand and which team has a high chance of losing the game.