How to keep halftime/fulltime bets in your favour?

Halftime/fulltime betting is a comparatively new betting strategy that came into news two years ago. It is extremely popular among the soccer bettors in the last year. In this betting system, you need to bet separately for halftime, i.e. before the interval after first 45 minutes of the game and for the whole 90 minutes of the game. In halftime/fulltime bet, you have to play for both sessions that are for halftime and also for the fulltime together. You can take support of online experts for guaranteed soccer halftime/fulltime system betting in case you are clueless or you think that you need expert guidance.


Important aspects of halftime/fulltime betting 

A halftime/fulltime betting also known as HF/FT betting is actually two different bets placed together. As the term signifies first you bet who will be ahead before the halftime of the game and then predict who will be the ultimate winner of the game. But, you have to place both these predictions or the “double result betting” together. Naturally, you can think of nine different combinations but in any case but you win only both parts of predictions become correct. The nine combinations possible in HT/FT bet are as follows:

  • Home/Home – Home team leads at halftime and wins the match ultimately.
  • Away/Away – Away team at halftime and wins the match ultimately.
  • Draw/Draw – Neither the home team nor the away team leads at halftime or wins or loses the match.
  • Home/ Away – Home team leads at halftime but away team wins ultimately.
  • Home/Draw – Home team leads at halftime but the match draws ultimately.
  • Away/Home – Away team leads at halftime but away team wins the match ultimately.
  • Away/Draw – Away team leads at halftime but the match draws ultimately.
  • Draw/Away – The match remains draw till halftime but the away team wins ultimately.
  • Draw/Home – The match remains draw till halftime but the away team wins ultimately.

So, when a bettor or a guaranteed soccer halftime/fulltime system predicts Liverpool HT/Liverpool FT, they want Liverpool to win in halftime and also in the game. Now, if the bettor predicts Draw HT/Liverpool FT, they actually mean the first half of the game will remain undecided whereas Liverpool will win the game. If we consider that Liverpool is playing with Arsenal and Arsenal remains a winner in the half time, you will lose in the bet if you had predicted HT/Liverpool FT as this prediction means the first half score will remain either 0-0 or equal goals from both sides. Even if, Liverpool ultimately wins the game, you lose in the betting. On the other hand, you win the bet if the first half ends in a draw and in the second half Liverpool wins. In all other cases, you lose the bet.

This is why you need to be as perfect as possible in soccer betting. Sometimes, guaranteed soccer halftime/fulltime system betting predictions might be useful if you don’t have the requisite experience about the team you prefer. In the above-mentioned nine different options of placing your bet, “Home” means the team you are supporting and “Away” means the other team.


Placing HT/FT bet is not a complicated affair 

Since its initiation in soccer betting, HT/FT bet has remained extremely popular among the bettors all over the world. Placing this form of betting is one of the easiest betting processes you have ever seen or experienced. The majority of bookmakers include this betting process on all major tournaments like Champions league, Premium league, Copa America, and La Liga. To place a bet in this market you need to register with a renowned bookmaker and avail expert guidance for the guaranteed soccer halftime/fulltime system betting. Expert guidance and tips will keep you lessen you odds and boost your confidence. You will also learn a lot on how to keep on winning match after match.

With an up-to-date bookmaker online, you will find dozens of games and tournaments to place Halftime/Fulltime bets. In most of the soccer betting options, you will find several markets to bet on. You need to find the HT/FT option for betting and select the outcome you predict will happen. There are some upfront guaranteed soccer halftime/fulltime system predictions providers available online. They always offer some useful tips for increasing your chance of winning in this market. In this market, there are three inherent rules –

  • The bet becomes invalid if the match is abandoned.
  • The extra time or injury time is not counted, i.e. the market closes immediately after 90 minutes.
  • Penalty shoot-out is not taken into consideration, i.e. if a match needs penalty shoot-out to decide the winner, the fulltime of the match is considered “draw”.


Look for today’s HT/FT betting tips 

If you need a guaranteed soccer halftime/fulltime system prediction, then keep on visiting the most trusted website dedicated to betting enthusiasts. Tips are important, especially if you are new in this genre or your knowledge on both the home and away team is not good enough to take a convincing decision. Popular online sources use updated data and statistical models for finding the odds involved in each match and then offer guaranteed soccer halftime/fulltime system predictions.

HT/FT betting tips


How to make HT/FT predictions? 

For increasing the odds in HT/FT predictions you can follow guaranteed soccer halftime/fulltime system predictions. However, with experience, you will understand how to increase the odds. You have to keep in culture the following aspects related to soccer and different tournaments where this market exists:

  • The nature of the league
  • Historical data
  • Teams playing and their historical results
  • Top players and game-changers playing and their performances
  • Match venues

Several other parameters are also important in HT/FT predictions. Top predictors offering guaranteed soccer halftime/fulltime system predictions also use all these parameters while giving you the relevant tips. Bettors trying to develop accurate HT/FT predictions and successful betting strategy needs to consider different aspects of betting and variable factors.


The best time to place HT/FT bets

Generally, it is found that punters play HT/FT bets when there is a sure chance of winning a particular side. However, several other occasions that could be found when playing in this market is worth taking the risk. A complete study or guaranteed soccer halftime/fulltime system tips could increase the chance of winning repeatedly.