The ultimate guide to soccer betting

The ultimate guide to soccer betting

With such worldwide popularity, it is no wonder that soccer is a sport that gets the highest amount of money in wagers every week. There are literally hundreds of bets that can be played which ensure that every bettor can place a wager that excites him and makes him happy. Here are a few things that one must know about soccer betting before starting to place wagers.


Placing a bet

Placing a soccer bet with information from the best soccer prediction site is the right way to go about it. There will be two teams with 11 players each playing. The game lasts 90 minutes usually and it can be longer if there is extra time involved for any reason. Soccer is a simple sport with the most important thing being that a team has to score more goals than the other to win. That’s it. However, when you are betting on soccer, there are various different kinds of bets and different types of betting markets involved.


The basic types of bets

When you are trying to learn how to bet on soccer, it is crucial that you learn about the common types of bets that are usually placed. So here goes:

  • The 1×2 bet: This is the bet that depends on the outcome of a game. In a soccer game, there are 3 different outcomes and you can bet on any of them: home win, away win and draw. This is the easiest way to bet on soccer because it involves you predicting the resultant outcome of a game and which team is going to win or if there is going to be a draw.
  • Handicap bet: This a bit more complex though it is similar to the above bet considering that it too depends on the resultant outcome of a game. It also involves a goal handicap that has been decided on and applied by the bookmaker to level the playing field. It basically means that teams get added or subtracted goals depending on how well they play and how high their chances of winning are. For example, if a team is a favourite to win a game, then they will get a negative handicap to overcome and the underdog will get a positive handicap. To win a handicap bet, you must bet on the team that wins by a higher margin even after the handicap has been set.
  • Totals: This is a bet that has absolutely nothing to do with which team is going to win the match. Rather, it has to do with the total number of goals that the game will see and whether the figure is going to be over or under a number set by the bookmaker. Usually, these bets are ones where the bettors have to decide how many goals both the team scores combined but they can also refer to bets that are wagered on total goals scored by a particular team.


Other interesting betting markets in soccer

When you have become comfortable with these betting options and want to explore more, you can try other betting markets. Soccer has many such other betting markets you can try. For example, if you have been placing your bets pre-game, you can try in-play betting or live betting. This means that you place your wagers after the game has started on the field. It is a whole new level of excitement!

Apart from these more traditional markets, there are non-traditional markets as well such as Asian handicap market or a market that lets you place bets on how many corners will be awarded in a particular game. You can even bet on how many points a particular team is going to accrue throughout the season. If you have the money, you will never get bored of the betting options available to you.

The ultimate guide to soccer betting


The importance of math

With the best soccer prediction site, you can start winning bets consistently as long as you employ the use of math in the proceedings. Calculations are very important and it is something that every successful bettor does when they place bets. From regression analysis to Elo ratings, you need a good grasp of math and its applications if you are to win at soccer betting on a consistent basis.

The first and foremost reason you have to use math is to understand whether or not to actually place the wager. It is also to be used to find out how much is a good amount to be staked on a wager. With math, you can optimise your money to make sure that you make profits and not just win at soccer bets.

In Double Chance bets, for instance, you are basically betting on different outcome in the very same game. With math, you can be assured that no matter how much you are staking on any single outcome, you ultimately make money on the bet. Another instance is that with Poisson Distribution formula, you can transform mean averages into probability across a distribution. This can be what the score of a game is at the end of it.

Bettors have the math to help them find out probability percentages by using paper and a pen. Possible outcome values can be predicted with ease if you are comfortable doing a little math before placing a bet.


Choose the right prediction site

No one can deny the importance of choosing the right and best soccer prediction site for short-term as well as long-term gains. Making consistent profits is more than calculating and using your gut instinct, though these are also very crucial factors. The truth is that the best soccer prediction sites can go a long way in ascertaining whether what you think is going to happen is actually going to happen. Choosing a site for predictions and tips should be dependent on its reliability and trustworthiness.

Soccer can be notoriously hard to predict for the layperson but for the one person who takes time to use the right resources, it can be easy to predict possible outcomes.