A complete guide to choosing the genuine and reputed soccer betting tipsters

guide to choosing the genuine and reputed soccer betting tipsters

Soccer betting is one of the most popular forms of the sports betting where tipsters, punters and bookies capitalize. Some people place football bets just for fun while some others play it to earn some extra income. Soccer is a highly challenging and dynamic game that keeps defining the final outcome as and when the moves occur. This is a game of surprise and unpredictable results that may put the whole of the soccer betting scene into risk. And, it is almost impossible to predict the upcoming game unless the punter considers the tips offered by soccer betting tipsters.


What a punter needs to know to play winning bets?

In order to understand the whole betting scenario, here are three things that a punter needs to know:

  • The qualities, advantages and disadvantages of the each playing team
  • Betting odds decided by bookies
  • And, an expert advice of a trusted soccer betting tipster

Now the question is, who is a football tipster?

While bookies control the odds of any game and exert it over the whole betting scenario, the punters tries to make money by beating them, here comes the role of tipsters. The soccer betting tipsters help punters to beat the odds by offering them the best tips. Thus, football tipsters have the potency to change the dynamics of the whole game.


The role of football betting tipster

The soccer betting tipsters provide the best betting tips and predictions using statistical history, analytical data and genuine football news. They provide the best predictions to helps punters place their bets in an accurate manner. The game of football is highly flexible and expert tips from a reputed tipster can help bettors to win the bet. The odds set by bookmarkers for any football match are rarely generous to the punters and this makes it really tough for the punters to place winning bets. And, this is the right time where soccer betting tipster steps in with the accurate soccer predictions and tips aims at empowering the punters with the best knowledge to place an intelligent bet.

The soccer betting tipsters provide the valuable information on the ongoing and upcoming soccer games for a fee. The work of a tipster seems to be easy and simple, but it is quite difficult.  The reputation of soccer betting tipster and prediction site defines their success and charges/fee that they can command. In order to be successful, the betting tipsters have to:

  • Ensure the winning percentage
  • Better returns on the investment of the subscribers
  • Must show a good average in the profit making


Need of the soccer betting tipsters

Since the football prediction sites are involved in making predictions about the matches that are scheduled to be held in present or future, they do so with accuracy and using some strategies which are impossible for a punter. In order to ensure the accuracy, they use strategies like:

  • Maintaining records of the performance of team
  • Keeping a track of the current team formations and changes along with their effects on the performance of the team
  • Taking note of the weather conditions and their reaction on the match
  • Tracking the odds set by bookies

The punters have to follow their tips and analyze the upcoming game according to these tips. This helps them to place their bets in an accurate way thereby increasing their chances to win the bets. Thus,  the soccer betting tipster is a beneficial part of football betting for punters as they make the process much more convenient for them.


Finding the genuine football betting tipsters

So, the football outcome prediction is quite tricky and many people find it really tough. Also, if the predictions offered by tipsters proved to be wrong, the tipster might be tempted to hang up his boots on head and move on. For a punter to be successful, it is important to go with the genuine tipsters by considering multiple factors. Identifying the best soccer betting tipsters can prove to be quite challenging for punters, but they can look for the below points to make the correct choice:

  • Track record of the tipsters: Tipsters who are good at their work and are genuine by having an excellent track record of providing the winning predictions. In order to choose the best soccer betting tipster, punters match some of the predictions offered by them with those that have actually happened in the past. It is better to check the number of services offered by them.


  • Customer reviews: The reputed and genuine football tipsters will receive reviews from the punters they have served. Read the customer reviews to know about the genuinity of the tipster. It is also better to take part in online forums to know about the particular tipster and read the reviews from the other punters.



  • Return on investment: The reputed soccer betting tipsters always keep a record of their winning tips and the return on investment that these tips have facilitated for the punters. These statistics are available on their website and one should analyze the same before subscribing.


  • Strike rate: This actually refers to the percentage of bet selections which have delivered the wins to the punters. So, it is always recommended that a punter go through the strike rate of the tipsters individually to understand the recommended betting types and odds.


  • Costs involved: The football betting tipsters charge a fee for the tips offered by them and this is based on their success rate. The more successful a tipster is in ensuring the winning selections, the higher are the fees charged by them. Some genuine tipsters also offer a trial period wherein the new punters are able to gauge the authenticity of the betting prediction site by considering their tips and predictions.

It is always better for the punters to go with the soccer betting tipsters offering the trial period and this will surely help them to judge of it has a good strike rate and is able to offer a good ROI.