List of English Premier League 2021 Stadiums

List of English Premier League 2021 Stadiums

Taylor report prepared to analyze The Hillsborough Stadium Disaster stipulates that the teams contending in English Premier League ought to have all-seater stadiums maintained by their respective clubs.

Also, one of the reasons for forming the English Premier League was to uplift the facilities and improve grounds’ conditions across England.

Perhaps, this is the reason why stadiums have become a matter of pride for the English Premier Clubs. The facility amount and other charges are also apportioned based on the teams’ position on the final league chart.

Let’s take a look at some of the interesting facts about English Premier League 2021 stadiums that may have some role in deciding the betting strategies too.

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Which English Premier League 2021 stadium is the largest?

Image result for manchester united stadiumManchester United has the largest stadium among Premier league 2021 clubs. It is reported to have a seating capacity of 74,140 people, according to Statista. The name of this home stadium of Manchester United is Old Trafford.

It stands just second to the largest stadium in England, Wembley Stadium that allows 90,000 spectators at a time.

The huge capacity of this stadium is attributed to multiple makeovers that it went through between 1990 to 2000. The addition of extra tiers in East, West, and North stands gives it the humongous appeal it is known for.

One of its stands is named after the legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson who managed this club for about 26 years and the team saw unprecedented glory under his guidance.

Which stadiums are the smallest and not appearing in Premier League 2021?

Image result for smallest football stadium in the worldSeven stadiums have a seating capacity of even less than 20,000. Some of these stadiums belong to those clubs, too, that could not make a comeback to English Premier League ( English Premier League History) after relegation or due to other reasons. Starting with the smallest, the seven stadiums sitting at the bottom 7 in size are:

  1. Oldham, Boundary Park: The capacity of this Premier League ground is only 10,638. The club has not made an appearance in the league since the 22nd edition of this tournament.
  2. Swindon, County Ground: It can host only 15,728 spectators in total. This club could manage to stay in the league only for one season, which was 1993-94 when it was promoted the first and the last time.
  3. Blackpool, Bloomfield Road: The teams can find a cheering crowd of only 16,750 people here. Though it started with 12,000 seats only but did go through renovation and upgradation. However, Manchester Utd sent it back to the Champions League very soon after making an appearance in the 2010-11 season.
  4. Queens Park Ranger, Loftus Road: It houses 18,360 spectators. The club has managed to stay in the Premier League for seven seasons despite the small capacity.
  5. Watford, Vicarage Road: The stadium can host 17,400 spectators. The club debuted in the Premier League in its third season but has been a regular relegated team, off and on.
  6. Derby County, Baseball Ground: This club had Baseball Ground as its home till 1997. It had the capacity of 18,300 football match fans. Afterward, the club moved to Pride Park.
  7. Southampton, The Dell: This stadium offers seats to 15,200 football fans. This ground is so small that the crowd remains the closest to the ground here. The stadium was part of the Premier League till 2000, after which Southampton moved to St Mary’s in 2001.

How Many English Premier League 2021 stadiums are there?

Till season 2020-2021, English Premier League has been played in 53 different stadiums. In the 2020-2021 seasons, the action is possible to catch live on these grounds:

  • Anfield
  • Bramall Lane
  • Craven Cottage
  • Elland Road
  • Falmer Stadium
  • Goodison Park
  • King Power Stadium
  • London Stadium
  • Molineux
  • Old Trafford
  • Selhurst Park
  • St James’ Park
  • St Mary’s
  • Stamford Bridge
  • The Emirates
  • The Etihad
  • The Hawthorns
  • Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
  • Turf Moor
  • Villa Park

All these stadiums have something unique about them. Even when it is not a match day, football lovers can take a tour of these stadiums. These stadiums have high-class hospitality options to offer. A few are situated very close to each other.


What are the capacities of all English Premier League Stadiums?

English Premier League Stadiums are unique in size, shapes, features. While the typical English style remains the rectangular ground with well-defined corners, the introduction of new aesthetic concepts has brought interesting changes in newly developed stadiums. Here is the capacity-wise listing of these stadiums:

Anfield 53,394
Bramall Lane 32,702
Craven Cottage 25,700
Elland Road 37,890
Falmer Stadium 30,666
Goodison Park 39,572
King Power Stadium 32,312
London Stadium 80,000
Molineux 31,700
Old Trafford 76,000
Selhurst Park 25,456
St James’ Park 52,405
St Mary’s 32,505
Stamford Bridge 41,837
The Emirates 60,260
The Etihad 55,097
The Hawthorns 26,850
Tottenham Hotspur Stadium 62,303
Turf Moor 22,546
Villa Park 42,785


Which Football Stadiums of Premier League are closest to each other?

Which Football Stadiums of Premier League are closest to each other?


The closeness of grounds points to the kind of rivalries the clubs hold against each other. Thus, the games played between them are no less than high voltage drama and make for the bookmaker’s delight. Here are a few of the closest stadiums of the Premier League:

  1. Arsenal and Tottenham – 4 miles
  2. Chelsea and Fulham – 1.9 miles
  3. Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday – 3.8 miles
  4. Aston Villa and West Brom – 4 miles
  5. Manchester United and Manchester City – 5.2 miles
  6. Bristol City and Bristol Rovers – 4.8 miles
  7. Liverpool and Everton – 0.8 miles
  8. Aston Villa and Birmingham City – 3.5 miles

So, Liverpool and Everton are the closes with both being just 0.8 miles apart.

Will fans be allowed in English Premier League 2021 stadiums?

Coronavirus pandemic does have its effect on the English Premier League stadium attendance chart. The country is divided into various tiers and the extent of operations and size of public gatherings depend on the tier in which the stadium falls. For stadiums that allowed fans’ attendance, the maximum number of people is 2,000 only.

Here is the list of stadiums where the fans will be allowed:

  1. Brighton
  2. Everton
  3. Liverpool
  4. Southampton

It is as per the records updated on Dec 17, 2020. Since the country has gone into complete lockdown again due to a new strain of the COVID virus, the latest updates on the situation after the ending of the lockdown period are awaited.


Stadiums of the English Premier League are the loudest talking point of their respective clubs. The clubs feel pride in having the most well-maintained facility. That is why, a portion of prize money is kept variable and is allotted as facility fees. Teams lock horns to stay as high as possible on the table to fetch the stadiums the best of the facilities and lot of sponsorships. Thus, the stadium and the fact whether it is a home ground or away ground for any team matters a lot when betting strategies are designed.