How To Become An Expert Professional Football Tipster?

Today sports betting is made up of three different entities that make up the three sides of the triangle. They are dependent on each other in a way that makes them an indispensable part of any sports betting. In fact the popularity and money involved in soccer betting makes it an ideal field for understanding the individual roles of these three entities namely:

  • Bookmakers: They are the ones who define the betting odds and control the total money flow in the market. In fact the whole soccer betting system is absolutely pro bookies as they make their earnings from loses made by the punters. Thus the odds are so devised that the bookmaker is always at an advantage.
  • Punters: They are the ones who invest the money which makes soccer betting such a successful field. Punters place their bets based on the predictions and analysis of the pro football tipster or on their individual analysis and calculations. While most of the times it is the bookmakers who control the betting scenario but there are instances wherein punters have been known to beat bookies at their own game.
  • Tipsters: They are the partners in crime who along with the punters work towards defeating the control the bookmakers have over the soccer betting market. They offer valuable tips and predictions based on expert analysis, mathematical probability calculations, statistical data, game reviews etc. These tips are so well-researched that some even have the potential to be 90% accurate. When a punter actively collaborates with a good and accurate pro football tipster, they make for a formidable combination and a pain for the bookmakers.

Qualities a tipster needs to have

Thus tipsters occupy a valuable third side of the triangle and there are many websites which claim to offer accurate prediction and tips. These claims made by innumerable tipster websites are enough to confuse the punter for whom it becomes difficult to select the most appropriate pro football tipster.

However, there are some qualities which separate the average tipster from the superlative ones. These are the qualities which a punter should look out for and use to judge the accuracy, effectiveness and efficiency of the predictions made.  These critical and defining qualities pertain to:

  • Independence: Only when a pro football tipster is able to offer advice which is above his business interests or the interests of the company he represents, only then will the advice be neutral and effective. When a tipster starts making decisions which are influenced by the motives of profit making, the tips, advice and predictions made start lacking accuracy thereby becoming ineffective and resulting in the loss of their clients.

However, the punters should be wary of those pro football tipster websites which make their income with the collaboration of betting agent affiliations. Such tipsters work with the motif of making punters lose money so that they are able to get their commissions and should be actively avoided at all costs.

  • Results: Before finalising on the selection of the pro football tipster the punter should have a look at their track record. Most good tipster websites have a tendency of publishing their predictions and their effectiveness in making punters win their bets. They also offer a critical review of all the predictions that they make and the tips that they offer. This makes the tipster accountable for the same and also shows the performance of the tipster website in the long term.
  • Experience: This is a characteristic which has the potential to elevate a pro football tipster from being one of the innumerable websites offering soccer tips to one which stands tall well above the rest of the crowd. A formal education in the fields of finance, mathematics or even statistics enables these punters to have an in-depth understanding of the probabilities of the bets placed in soccer. Combined with the experience that one gains over a period of time, it makes for a formidable combination; one which together with the punters has the potential to rule the world of soccer and put book makers at a distinct disadvantage.
  • Engagement: This also translates into the type of communication that a pro football tipster maintains with his clients. Interacting with his clients and followers, responding to all queries, requests and questions put forward by their client punters helps build credibility and also makes these tipster websites accountable. It is only when a tipster website involves in active communication with the clients that he is able to build up a name for himself and draw more and more clients thereby resulting in their durability, longevity and financial viability.
  • Commitment: Making soccer predictions is a time consuming process wherein every aspect of the game needs to be properly analysed, previous games reviewed, statistics collated and mathematical calculations on probability dome with accuracy. This makes soccer predictions an extremely cumbersome process and any pro football tipster who is able to give it the time and concentration it requires, proves his commitment beyond any doubt. Thus such tipsters make for very profitable partners especially for punters.
  • Staying one step ahead: It is a regular job for the tipster to be constantly watching replays for the game thereby analysing it from every aspect, keeping a tab on any news that comes up and which has a bearing on an upcoming game of soccer. This keeping a finger on the pulse of the news proves to be a very important aspect which enables the pro football tipster to stay ahead in the game and take advantage of the fact that there is usually a time gap between the breaking soccer news and the odds set by the bookmakers. Thus predictions made in such instances generally prove to be winners and result in a sure win for the punters.

While the above points act as indicators, it is solely by trial and error that a punter can understand the effectiveness of the tips and predictions made by the tipster website. Thus they should utilise their own skills too so that they are able to select the best from the host of tipster websites the world of internet houses.