What Is The Best Soccer Team In Italy?

A Complete Guide To Italy Serie A Football Predictions

Football is a sport which binds the whole world together. The dynamicity, the fast-paced action and the unpredictability of this game make for an adrenaline rush inspiring 90minutes. This popularity is not only in the viewership but also in the world of sports betting with tipsters offering interesting Italy Serie a predictions. The amount of money which is bet on this sport is perhaps, one of the best in this sector. Punters, bookies and tipsters put in extra efforts so that they are able to capitalise on the popularity of this sport. Thus:

  • Bookies look at setting odds which enable them to make money from the loss suffered by the punters,
  • The punters look forward to beating the bookies at their own game and winning big and
  • Tipster websites look forward to making accurate football league predictions like the Italy Serie a predictions and help the punters win big time.

With a multitude of national international leagues being played the whole year through, there is no dearth of available options. Thus there is no off-season for soccer betting since most of the important leagues like the English Premier League, The Champions League, The German Bundesliga, the Italy Serie A etc., taking place throughout the year.


What is the Italy Serie A


The Italy Serie A is organised annually by the Football Federation of Italy and has 20 Italian clubs participating in the same. This elite Italian League is also considered to be one of the most famous European football leagues taking place. In fact, it is one of the top 5 national leagues taking place in Europe along with the Premier League, Ligue 1, Bundesliga and La Liga. This justifies the popularity the Italian Serie a enjoys in soccer betting and the demand for accurate Italy Serie a predictions from tipster websites.

Juventus, AC Milan and Inter Milan are by far the most famous clubs participating in this league. In fact, Inter Milan was responsible for the Golden Period of prosperity which the Italy Serie A underwent in the latter half of the last decade.

The style of play adopted by this top tier Italian League is defence oriented. Hence they follow a style wherein it is not necessary to attack the other team at all cost. Of course, the teams attack each other and also score goals as and when needed or the opportunity presents itself but an aggressive gameplay strategy is rarely seen among the teams participating in this league. But this style of play makes it harder for punters since predictions for such matches are heavily based on statistical analysis of the team playing. While it is difficult for punters to collect statistical data to the extent that is required and then properly analyse , they have to depend on the Italy Serie a predictions made by the tipster websites.

However, the scoring of a large number of goals in the Italian Serie A is a rare occurrence. Thus placing bets on goal-oriented wagers follows a certain pattern which can be easily discerned with the help of statistics. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that Over and Under goals make for one of the most popular bets that get placed in soccer betting for this league.


Getting accurate tips and predictions


Getting accurate Italy Serie a predictions and tips might prove to be a bit difficult since there are few websites which are dedicated to this league. However, selecting one from those that regularly offer tips and predictions for bets placed on this league should be done based on certain criteria like:

Getting accurate tips and predictions

  • Time of posting the tips: These should be available at least 2 to 3 days in advance so that punters are able to understand and analyse for themselves which team to bet on.
  • Details available in match previews: The Italy Serie a predictions made should contain information regarding the analysis of the available statistics, forms of the teams and also the important points which justify the predictions.
  • Bets predicted for: It is always better to opt for tipsters who give tips and make predictions on all types of wagers that get placed in Italian League soccer betting like accumulators, doubles, challenges, both teams to score, over and under goals, correct score prediction etc.
  • Quality of experts: Care should be taken to ensure that the tipster website making the Italy Serie a predictions has a good panel of experts who sit together to analyse and preview the games in minute details and make predictions and offer tips based on cold facts and remain neutral in their game reviews and statistical analysis.

It is always better to opt for tipster websites which offer a free trial period. This allows punters to judge the quality of the predictions that are made by actually following them and placing their bets in the Italy Serie A accordingly. Registration to tipster websites for the Italian league football should only be done after the punter is completely satisfied with the quality of Italy Serie a predictions made.


Current status of the Italy Serie A

The current ongoing season of the Italy Serie A league is being spearheaded by Juventus and Inter Milan both of whom have consolidated their position at the head of the table. They are followed by Lazio and Roma in the second and the third position respectively. The current status is in sync with the Italy Serie a predictions made by tipster websites and as yet there have been no major upsets.

The top scorers of the season happen to be Immobile C of Lazio who has as yet scored a whopping 19 goals. He is followed by Lukaku R of Inter Milan and Ronaldo C of Juventus with 14 and 13 goals respectively.

With the finals set to be played in the month of May, there remains to be seen if there are any upsets in the top positions that are being currently held. As of now the teams Inter Milan, Juventus, Lazio and Roma look set to enter the group stage of the Champions League while Atlanta qualifies for the Europa League and Brescia, Genoa and SPAL are set to get relegated to Serie B.

There is much action remaining in this league with a few months still to go. Thus, Italy Serie a predictions are also being popularly demanded so that punters who have placed long term bets are aware of what is slated to happen.