How to acquire winning bet forecasts for soccer?

Anyone involved in any capacity with soccer betting needs a winning soccer forecast to enhance his chances of winning a bet. But getting these winning forecasts is not an easy job. While tipster websites come up with daily forecasts and predictions, finding one who is actually good needs some research with emphasis on the following points:

  • Background research: Being able to conduct thorough research is the trademark of successful punters involved in soccer betting. In order to ensure the selection of a good tipster website, the punter needs to know as much as possible about their background and success rate.


  • Strike rate: Monitoring the results of tipster websites making soccer forecast and keeping track of their strike rate is a sure way to understand the credibility of the same. Genuine tipster websites who actually have a good strike rate do not shy from putting across the statistics and comparisons between the predictions made and the actual outcomes. This statistics needs to be analysed by the punter for a certain time to know how well they perform with making soccer predictions.


  • Communication: There may be times when punters might need an explanation of a particular soccer forecast. Hence, it is very important for a tipster website to keep all channels of communication with their punter clients. If the same is not done or if the website refuses to even acknowledge queries from punters registered with them, the website needs to be struck off the potential tipster list.



  • Free trial period: Websites providing genuine soccer tips never shy from enabling punters to avail of their free trial offer. Punters, thus, get an opportunity to experience first-hand the type of soccer forecast that a website makes and take an informed decision about which tipster website to choose.


  • Pro-punter: This is the most important point. Tipster websites need to be pro-punters so that they are able to help the punters find that advantage which would enable them to win a wager. These tipster websites should also not be performing as a third party agent for bookmakers. Thus, it is very important to understand what tipsters get out of offering free soccer forecast and what the motivation behind offering free soccer tips is.

Top 5 tipster websites for soccer forecasts

Based on the above points there are certain websites which are genuine and offer good soccer predictions. The top 5 websites among these are:

  • Betensured: This is one of the biggest websites for soccer predictions, tips, well-researched statistics and their analysis, sure 2 odds etc. With many of their registered punters making a substantial profit on the basis of their predictions, this tipster website has truly made a mark in soccer betting.


  • Mighty Tips: They are famous for the way in which they operate. Instead of only offering soccer forecast they also offer a detailed analysis of matches. Thus, their predictions come with justification for the same and thereby offer much more clarity to the punter.


  • Betro Betting Tips: This is a tipster website which is exclusively dedicated only to soccer betting. Hence, they provide soccer betting tips, football betting predictions, apps related to football betting etc.


  • Surepredicts: Operating from Nigeria, this tipster website is touted to be the best across the world. It was also established with the aim of providing punters with accurate predictions so that they are able to beat the bookmaker odds and win big. Thus, they strive to offer precise, reliable and objective soccer tips, analysis and predictions so that punters can ultimately benefit from them.


  • Main-Bet: This Australian tipster website is famous for the free match previews that it offers of premier football leagues taking place across the world. Their soccer forecast and prediction are thus based on thorough research and analysis by experts who keep coming up with effective soccer predictions for almost all football matches taking place across the world.



Golden soccer betting rules

While the above tipster websites are undoubtedly the best in the business, it makes good sense to become doubly sure by cross-checking the predictions with personal research. It is also important that in order to ensure winning forecasts, a punter needs to follow the 10 golden rules of soccer betting. They pertain to:

  • Value betting is the key to good betting,
  • Soccer betting is a place of infinite learning and hence one never finishes learning everything about soccer betting,
  • Leagues that one is familiar with, are the best places to bet and stake a wager based on a soccer forecast,
  • Known markets are always better than unknown waters,
  • Money management needs extra care,
  • Keeping a record of all bets placed helps punter keep a track of the effectiveness of the strategies adopted and discard patterns and strategies which are not enabling them to win,
  • Performance potential of the teams should be honestly assessed,
  • Market biases are the loopholes of soccer betting which need to be extensively exploited,
  • Football betting predictions and tips might be indicative, but they help steer the punter in the right direction and
  • Utilising the services of multiple brokers enables punters to take advantage of the different odds set.


In order to be able to fully utilise the potential of the 10 golden soccer betting rules, it is important that the punter deal with soccer forecast, predictions and analysis which are most appropriate. In order for the same to happen, the punter must utilise his intelligence and analytical skills and come up with his own predictions by:

  • Doing his homework with regards to background check on teams,
  • Access their performances in the recent past to understand where the teams stand with each other,
  • Take the home team advantage into consideration,
  • Seek out the best betting odds and follow a profitable betting system.

The punter should be able to make his analysis of the upcoming game count and back it up with statistical analysis. Once this is done, he can corroborate the results with the tipster provided soccer forecast and then place bets to ensure absolute winning.