What Does Betting On Halftime And Full Time Score Mean?


Soccer is a dynamic game which has many followers across the world. In fact it would not be wrong to say that soccer is the most popular sport in almost all countries across the world. Also known as football, this sport is eccentric in its results yet very strategic in its game play. This eccentricity and dynamism makes it an ideal sport for betting and correct score predictions like half time full time correct score etc.

Soccer offers many different opportunities for punters to bet on and win thereby making it a favourite among bookies, punters and tipsters. There are many different betting formats associated with this sport and wagers placed can be for short term bets like first goal, first goal scorer etc., long term bets like match odds, single bets etc., or a combination of both like the half time full time correct score, parlay, accumulator, combo bets etc.

Of all the bets that can be placed in an ongoing soccer match, the halftime/fulltime match predictions are probably the most interesting. It is a combination of two different bets—

  • The half time bet wherein the prediction is for the half time results and
  • The full time bet wherein the final scores are forecast and staked upon.

However, in order to win the bet both of these results need to be correctly and accurately forecast. This can be done with statistical and mathematical analysis of data available or simply tying up with a tipster website and getting the half time full time correct score from them.

Halftime and fulltime bet explained

As has been mentioned earlier, this is a single bet which requires the placement of a single stake yet a win can only be facilitated if both the results prove right. In instances of any one prediction not being right, the bettor stands to lose the whole bet.

Thus a halftime/ fulltime bet talks of the results as they appear during half time and full time. There are 5 variants which might occur in a match with regards to the fulltime/halftime results. They are:

  • Team A scores 2 goals at halftime while Team B is till at 0 but the situation changes and Team B scores 3 goals in the 2nd half thereby winning the match. Thus halftime bet results would show a Team A win and fulltime bet results would mean a Team B win. Thus a half time full time correct score would be A/B
  • Team A scores 2 goals during either of the two halves of the game while Team B is unable to score any during the game. If the goals are scored by Team A during 1st half then both the halftime and fulltime bet results would indicate Team A or A/A but if the goals are scored by Team A in the second half then halftime bet results would favor those punters who predicted a draw and the fulltime results would indicate a Team A win. This can be represented by X/A wherein X represents a draw.
  • Team A scores 2 goals in the first half thereby facilitating a win for punters who predicted a Team A halftime bet result and Team B scores 2 goals thereby ending the game in a draw. In this instance only those punters who had predicted a draw as the fulltime result stand to win the bet. The half time full time correct score would be A/X
  • If both teams score equal number of goals in both the first and second half then both the halftime and fulltime results would be a draw or X/X.
  • If Team A scores goals only during both the halves of the soccer game, the halftime/fulltime results would stand at A/A.

Halftime/fulltime correct score strategy analysis

In order to be able to get a half time full time correct score, punters need to conduct an in-depth analysis of the same. In the instance that a team is stronger than the other, the soccer match is most likely to be one-sided. Thus there are high chances of the stronger team leading in the first half and winning the match fulltime. But in order to understand the probability of the outcome happening, it is necessary to look at the statistics involved. Thus the punter would have to analyze the teams for obtaining a half time full time correct score on the following criteria:

  • The strategies adopted and their efficiency,
  • The winning statistics in both home and away conditions,
  • The recent results of a match between the two teams is a big influencer for predicting half time full time correct score,
  • Player statistics and if there has been any change in the team as a whole,
  • Changes in management policies or scandals, negative publicity etc., which might have affected the morale of the players individually and the team as a whole etc.

However, the statistics which need to be analyzed should never be taken from early in the league season. This is because as more and more league matches unfold, the statistics tend to become lopsided and might be completely out of character. But with the correct statistics in place, it becomes easier for the punters to weigh their options and ensure accuracy in the predicted half time full time correct score.

Alternately punters can also tie up with tipster websites which specialize in the same. These websites provide in-depth analysis and base their predictions both on statistics and inside information; something which might not be possible for the punter to obtain on his own.

Another important thing which every punter needs to take into account is the odds that are available for the same with the bookies. With every bookmaker offering different odds, punters with the highest odds tend to make the maximum profit and hence it is always better to scout around, obtain the best odds and then make a half time full time correct score prediction and place a stake on the same.