Single Bet Or Combination Bet—Which Betting Type To Choose

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Betting in soccer is one of the most popular sports betting activities that take place around the world. Soccer, by virtue of its popularity, is a game which is known to almost everyone and this familiarity with the game prompts many people to try their hand at soccer betting. For the uninitiated, betting for the first time is quite a challenging task and hence it becomes important for all wannabe punters to have a thorough knowledge of the betting system, especially the single and combo bet prediction websites, before taking a plunge.

The most important avenue of sports betting is to understand the different types of bets that are usually placed and make an informed choice. In order to understand how soccer betting works one needs to know that soccer betting types can be distinctly classified into:


  • Single bets: These are bets which are placed on a single outcome or selection wherein if the actual outcome matches the prediction of the punter, he stands to gain money. In a single bet, the return is generally not dependent on the outcome of the other bets nor is it influenced by them. Thus they are considered to be safe bets especially for people who are just starting out with soccer betting. First goal, last goal, predicting the result of the game, straight bets etc., are all examples of single bets. Single bet prediction is also done by those websites who are involved in combo bet prediction.


  • Combination bets: This comprises of a combination of single bets clubbed together in a way that in order to win this bet, the punter must win a selection of the single bets included in it. This bet is quite complex and helps to max out a punter’s profitability while at the same time increase his winnings. Sometimes many people confuse combination bets with accumulator bets but there is a huge difference in winning potential between the two. While in an accumulator bet, all single bets accumulated within it needs to be individually won, in a combination bet, winning a specific selection of single bets, based on the combo bet prediction website tips, is enough to make a person get the winning amount.

Single Bet Or Combination Bet

Differences between single and combination bets

Every punter involved in soccer betting has a different take on whether a single bet is better than a combination bet or vice versa. While it is definitely the prerogative of the punter to decide which type of bet he wants to place, there are certain factors which differentiate the two. In fact, knowing these differences would enable the bettor to choose between the two bets wisely and also opt for the correct tipster websites especially for combo bet prediction.

  • Return on Investment: ROI, as it is commonly called, is much higher for combination bets than it is for single bets. In a single bet, the stakes placed are small and thus the yield is also comparatively less. But in a combination bet, individual stakes placed on the involved single bets are small but the returns when compared get multiplied and are thus substantially higher. This is because a person, who has $10 and places a stake on a single bet, either wins a percentage higher than this or loses the entire amount. On the other hand, if there are 10single bets involved in a combination bet and a punter, based on the combo bet prediction, places $10 on a combination bet, even if he loses 3 bets, he still wins in 7 events. Thus, he stands to gain a higher amount irrespective of whether he wins or loses all the events involved in the combination bets. Thus returns on the investment are definitely higher where combination bets are concerned more so because the built-in margin of a combination bet gets compounded and this factor works out favourably for the punter involved especially when coupled with the combo bet prediction.



  • Risks involved: Single bets are considered to be safe bets since risks involved are limited to a single stake. But for combination bets which facilitate profit maximisation through accurate combo bet prediction, the risks involved are also higher since the stake gets divided into a lot of events. There might also be instances wherein the terms and conditions of combination bets result in the loss of the whole multiple because of losing in a single vital event. Also, statistics prove that there is no guarantee that true even money instances, such as those occurring in a combination bet, would even arrive let alone combine with unwavering regularity. In fact for people opting for combination bets, it is always better to work with bookies operating on small margins and to keep themselves up to date with all the combo bet prediction, latest news, information and happenings in the game of soccer since any change has the potential to spawn significant movement in the odds, as decided by bookmakers.


  • Bookmaker choice: Odds set by bookmakers vary and hence putting all stakes with a single bookmaker is never advisable in soccer betting. But for people opting for combination bets, multiple bet selections have to be made but with the same bookmaker. Hence, the punter limits his chances of winning big despite having combo bet prediction from successful tipster websites. On the other hand, he can also place a number of different single bets with multiple bookmakers thereby benefiting from the differential odds of different bookmakers.


  • Long term benefits: It has been statistically proved that on a long term basis, opting for single bets is always better and more financially viable than combination bets. In fact combination bets are a bookmakers favourite since help bring good profits to their sportsbooks and thus the odds that they set are such that winning becomes a difficult proposition in combination bets.

Being able to decide on the suitability of single and combination bets is quite challenging and prone to a variety of debates and arguments. Hence instead of specifying which bet is more suitable, it is better to let this choice remain with the individual punter. It is ultimately the punter who has to analyse the single and combo bet prediction and place his stakes accordingly.