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Slogan: Sports Betting Information Services

Site Info: Free Soccer Predictions

Rating: VERY LOW

Scam/Fraud?: SCAM

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This site has connections to betting syndicates and also it has no mathematical formula to make calculations. But it promises soccer tips that are 100% true but it is a fraud.

User Opinions

Grizzly 2018-07-24 Commented on

An inlneligett point of view, well expressed! Thanks!

Carter 2018-04-25 Commented on

Don\'t waste your hard money on this fake soccer site! It\'s complete wastage of money as well as time. No return you will get Completely fraud site. I swear you will get lot\'s of trouble after subscribing its tips.

Avgoustinos 2018-02-09 Commented on is one of the Cheaters site. Completely Bug! I hate this site tips. All the odds are fake. Soccer lover don\'t even think to try this site it\'s a spam one. I lost completely $500. The fake tips I only receive. Liers!

Han Siang 2017-11-29 Commented on

What a fake offer man, you shameless useless tipster site. People should be banned you! You fraud cheat all the tips you are offering are completely fake tips. No use. People should sue you! Disgusting experience.

Ezra 2017-09-18 Commented on

After subscribing this site. I did not get any winning odds. Each and everything is just fake. I completely lost because of this site. All the offered odds are fake and have no value. Don\'t subscribe its service, you will also lose your hard earned money here!