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Slogan: The Best Source of Soccer Picks

Site Info: Soccer Predictions - Fraud Syndicate

Rating: VERY LOW

Scam/Fraud?: SCAM

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Tracking history of this site shows that it has just came into being and it has no experience in soccer betting business. But it is providing 100% true tips and this smells like scam.

User Opinions

Caleib 2018-04-29 Commented on

I completely obsessed with this site The fake peoples just surround you fake odds, fake promise. Please avoid it\'s my humble advice!

Gelar 2018-02-07 Commented on

In the name of, this site attracts customers and literally looting them. All the tips are completely fake and have no use. The worst betting site which I have found in online. You cheat spammer only taking the money and in return giving nothing and so as your service. You should be banned!

Ron 2017-12-02 Commented on the worst soccer tipster site. So as its disgusting tips. I am completely crooked! All the handicap odds and HT/FT odds this site offers that are completely fake! The site should be Banned!

Alicia 2017-09-20 Commented on

Not a single win bet you will get here. I am explaining these things as per my personal experience. Avoid this fraud site. I used the service for 10 days and asked for a refund because I was losing money fast. They did not answer and one month and four emails have passed.