The most common soccer betting terms explained

common soccer betting terms

If you have just entered the soccer betting arena, then it must be overwhelming to learn about the jargon and the lingo used by bettors and bookies. There is a whole lot of soccer betting terms going around that non-betting people can’t really understand. That is why if you want to start betting, it is really important that you learn these terms.


Here are the most common soccer betting terms explained.


Accumulator bet

This is a soccer bet where even 100% correct soccer predictions may not work for the simple reason that it is a combination of 4 or more bets that are combined with a view to offer longer and more lucrative odds to bettors. This basically means that you are not just making one bet, but you are choosing to bet on 4 or more elements and if all of them come together, you win big time. The key thing to understand here is that if anyone element of the bet does not work out, then you are going to lose your wager. As a newbie, such a bet can be really tough to get right. Even if one is an experienced hand, getting 4 or more elements together for an accumulator bet can be a very rare occurrence.


Against the spread

This is a bet, which allows you to not back the winner but back anyone else in order to cover the spread.


Arbitrage betting

This is the type of bet where you are able to bet on all the different outcomes that may result from a game, of course at different odds. With 100% correct score prediction, such a type of bet can be highly lucrative because you are betting on all the outcomes of a game. This means that you win money no matter what the outcome of a particular game might be. This is basically a bet that involves a bit of calculation and is, therefore, a good one for experienced bettors rather than novices. The bottom line is to calculate the appropriate stake levels so that no matter what the outcome, you not just win money, but you cover the losses that happen too.



This is for bettors who want to place bets on a soccer game that will be played later in the future. Basically, it lets one place bets a long time in advance for the purpose of getting longer odds. Sometimes, bettors can place bets even years in advance to make sure that the odds they get are fantastic.


Asian handicaps

Such bets allow for the possibility of split betting and can add or subtract goals from the playing teams to level the playing field. It is a whole new way of betting and adds a dose of fun and excitement to traditional soccer betting.



This is a term that is used to refer to a bet that has a very high chance of winning and it basically means that one can bank on the bet to come true. 100% correct score predictions are banker tips.


Betting exchange

This is a great idea for bettors who don’t want to rely on bookies for odds and instead, they use a forum to place bets against each other. It is a fun way to bet and today there are several soccer betting exchanges available online. The view is to cut the middleman, i.e., the bookies and place bets against each other. It is advised that if one were to use a betting exchange to place bets, to use only reliable and trustworthy sites to do so.


Closing line

This is the time when the bets are set for a soccer game. It means that you won’t be able to place bets after this.


Live soccer betting

This is a great way to bet if you are bored with the traditional types of bettings available to you. This involves you being able to place a bet after a soccer game has started on the field and is a fun way to place a variety of different bets online. This is a comparatively new type of betting available and a lot of bettors are starting with it for the simplicity and excitement of betting and watching a game being played on-field.


The right soccer bets

With 100% correct score predictions, it can be easy to start winning your soccer bets consistently. However, you must not place all the wagers you find. Choosing carefully which bets to put money on is a very crucial aspect of betting. Here are some of the things you must remember:

  • Back value bets: The most important thing about winning soccer bets is backing value bets. Backing a winner is good and you should do so but if you are placing your own money as a wager, you have to make sure that you get value for your troubles. Identifying a value bet is something experienced bettors can do easily. For newbies, it takes some time to get used to identifying value bets that will make them money. You may be winning a bet, but if it is not a value bet, there is really not much use.
  • Betting on well-loved teams: If you let your personal preferences get in the way of your soccer betting, you are going to end up losing money. Remember, when it is your money on the line, you need to place money on teams and players that are going to help you win more money. So don’t involve your emotions in your betting decisions and you will find that it is possible to win on a regular basis.

A site that offers 100% correct score predictions is a very valuable site. Finding one is another task though. But if you are able to find a site with expert tipsters that dole out correct predictions, then you can be assured of winning big-time. Of course, you should always use your own common sense to place your bets because if you don’t do so, then you are just depending on other people’s assurances.