Make betting a profitable source

Make betting a profitable source

Want to start betting with top soccer prediction sites? Before starting to bet one must make sure to understand the risk involved in the game. Being a bettor is not that difficult but to choose an important platform to become one is very crucial. Many people follow just luck or their favorite team, but following the analytical understanding is what makes a speculator win the bet. Today there are a number of tips and tricks for making safe bets.


Tips for safe bets

Betting has become a common occurrence during a sports event. Especially for the leagues, soccer fans and speculators use top soccer prediction sites to make bets. Following some of the tips can lower the risks.

  • Sure bets

This may sound unreal but this 100% genuine bet. Just like rate gaps in the stock market these sure bets are using those rate gaps of betting. Whatever the bet result is but one is always in profit. For gaining sure bet one must find out matches on which a significant number of odds are being offered by the bookies. Also known as Arbitrage betting or “arb” is a guaranteed profit-making on the sports event and it is a risk-free opportunity to do so. ‘Sure bets’ are calculated by using the following formula:

  • Individual bet is calculated by multiplying the investment with individual arbitrage percent which is then divided by the total arbitrage percentage.
  • For calculating the profit, investment is divided by arbitrage percentage. Then the investment is subtracted from the result so obtained.
  • For calculating arbitrage percentage 1 is divided by the decimal odds for the outcome A which is multiplied by 100. In the same way, 1 is divided by the decimal odds for outcome B and then multiplied by 100. The result of the two is added to the provided arbitrage percentage.

It is a legal form of betting, but it receives negative views from the bookmakers and sometimes it can get cancelled if gets noticed.


  • Accumulator calculator

If one is combining bets on more than 3 selections into one bet, then that is known as an accumulator. If one wins all the selections only then they can win the wager.  Top soccer prediction sites use accumulator so that user can make a wise decision as:

  • They can win a huge amount by accumulating small bets
  • A lot of options are available to pick from
  • The probable and predictable situation makes it easy to win this wager

If one is not experienced with betting or a fan who wants to bet on his team then the accumulator calculator can calculate the chances of winning the bet before one can place their bet. This is done by calculating the odds of each selection by converting fractional odds into decimal. Then multiplying the outcomes together. This is difficult when odds like 4/9 or 1/7 come up. this calculator can calculate the different type of accumulator bet like Double, Treble, Four-fold accumulator, Five-fold accumulator, Six-fold accumulator and so on. It gives one a fair understanding of the game but only when the accurate data is fed to the system. It is very similar to a calculator but this can make one win or lose a bet.


  • Moneylines

A way of representing odds in thousands or hundreds that are often accompanied by a minus or plus is known as Moneyline odds.

  • In case of negative Moneyline odds, it represents the amount to be invested before one can earn $100.
  • If a Moneyline odd is positive, then that shows how much one can earn for a $100 bet. If one wins Moneyline bet, then the initial betting amount is returned. Like for example, if one places a bet of $100 on a player scoring a goal with +100 Moneyline odds then he gets $200 returned to him.
  • They can also calculate profit potential with Moneyline odds as positive just by dividing the odds by 100. After that, they can multiply the outcome by their initial bet.
  • One can calculate profit potential with negative Moneyline odds by dividing it by 100 and then dividing the bet amount by the result.


  • Outcome probability

Probability is the likelihood that the event would occur or not. Lower the value for the odds, higher will be the probability of winning. Higher the value of the odds the more likely it is to lose. Before starting the probability game, one must understand what it is all about.

  • The range in which the match outcome is defined is in between 0% or 100% that is from no chance to be a sure bet.
  • Probabilities are not always accurate. It means even if the probability of a team winning is more than 80% still they may lose.
  • One must not bet on player or team with probability 50% or lower as it would increase the risk.

Many top soccer prediction sites work on the probability and predictability of the game.


  • Picking up the best soccer betting site

Soccer betting fans have the advantage of choosing from many top soccer prediction sites. With online betting sites and bookmakers vigorously making investments in large marketing budgets to attract new customers so, this gives the bettors a lot of option to pick from. Some of the companies have more than 10 years of experience and boasts of being the best in the market. If one is looking for reliable markets then they must look for basic points such as strong customer services, an in-depth range of market and fair odds at competing in the market.  With the help of the internet, many options are being made available online for betting from different parts of the world. One can not only choose from a wide range of betting sites but also compare the site with the best feature that can hike the chances of winning the bet.

Let the betting begin!