How to Identify a fixed football match?

Identify a fixed football match

A fixed football match is where the sport is pre-organized and it is played based on a pre-determined result. Also known as match fixing, this violates the rule of the game, and the law. This allows bookies to bet money on the game and gambling is possible in all such matches. People are prone to win and lose a lot of money when such a match happens. A wide range of fixed draw matches for today are available for betting as you read this.


How the fixed matches affect the sports?

Fixed football matches today are very much derogatory to the sport itself and the spirit of the game is lost in such cases. It becomes impossible to trust the team players even if they are honest with their country or team due to some dishonest player. Today, many commoners invest money on sports result just for the fun of it. It gives them a pleasure that they are also part of it. A fixed match that is not based on the merit of the players and the team can make them loss a lot of money, and they may lose interest in the game as well.


What is the reason of fixing match?

Its, just the illegal and illogical practices of some sports bookies and extreme monetary urge of certain players that results into fixed football matches today. The money is quite lucrative for the players involved and if they can be rich in a very short time making some dishonest move, they will not think much. Similarly, bookies earn a lot of money from the fixed match as they already know the result. The punters who honestly bet on the result are at loss in most cases.


How accurate are the prediction of the bookies?

The predictions of the bookies correct 90% time as they bribe not one but most players of the team. If a whole team or major part of the playing eleven is in favour of the fixed football match for today, there is no way the few honest players can do anything. However, bookies operate in the market like the normal fantasy players and it is almost impossible to track them out.


How to identify if a fixed football match for today?

While it may be difficult to judge if a football match is fixed in general, there are certain notable points which will help you determine the real truth.

  • If a goal is scored early during the match, say within the 10 minutes of the start of the game you may have stumbled upon a fixed football match for today. In many cases it is seen that the goal is scored within 3 mins of the kick-off. You can be almost sure that the match is fixed.
  • In order to get the result in favour of the bookies, most players of the team are bribed. It is easy to lose a match than to win it. If you see slow movement of one team in the field, possibilities are that it’s a fixed football match for today.
  • The team that is set to lose will definitely miss the goal post by inches or may even score a self-goal (goal for the opposition).
  • Keep a note of the unfair referring decision. A key player can be shown red card or replayed during the game.
  • There are professional organizations that look into the fixed matches. It is good to check their findings before you bet on a team.


How to find a free fixed football match?

There are free football match websites that give you access to free fixed football matches all over the world. You need to check the probability of a win and bet your money on the same. It is important to understand that none of them will provide you with a probability of more than 90%.


How people get benefited from a fixed football match?

A fixed football match does not benefit a large number of people. Those who invest in the fantasy sports depending on the merit of the team and the odds of the team winning are at loss. Only those who invest illegally on betting stand a chance to win a lot of money. That too is dependent on how the bookie has managed to manipulate the team and what news are coming out in the market.


Should you invest money on a match that you consider as fixed?

You shall never invest money on a match that you deem fixed. You may never know if it is actually fixed and if your assumptions are correct or not. There are some experts online that can segregate a fixed football match from an ordinary match. You can trust them most of the time and invest money accordingly on the match. Check today’s soccer prediction on the websites given by the experts and it would not be difficult for you to win money.


What is the chance of loss?

The chance of loss is always there as every day is different from the other when it comes to sports. If you get to know the fixed draw matches for today, you will eventually not invest money in them or you can bet money that the match will be drawn. The possibility of winning money increases in the result oriented match.


How profitable is value betting?

Value betting is more profitable in the long run as you judge each match by its merit and also consider the expert opinion before you invest any money. With a sense of understanding the fixed match, the chances of a misfire go down, thus increasing your scope of earning money. Value betting may be difficult at the first as long as you are not able to access fixed draw matches of Today, but eventually you become an expert and start earning money regularly.

It may require some amount of research to find a match that is fixed and one that will make you win money. The experts are available online to make you win money. So take advantage of that and find fixed football matches for today.