What you Should Know about Most Accurate Soccer Prediction Site?

most accurate soccer prediction

It isn’t difficult to find the most accurate soccer prediction site if you believe on your knowledge and experience in betting. The first thing is to understand that tippers don’t have superpowers. They are like others but they are well-informed and they know how to use the information for betting.

What you should know about Most Accurate Soccer Prediction Site?

Tipsters that haves sources for information; that can source authentic information and that can get latest info about football can easily make total goals exactly prediction.

Here’re some filters that you can use to make an opinion on a tipper but you should determine the reliability of a filter using your knowledge on football.

1. Experience

The first thing you will look in a tips website is its experience. Rule of the thumb says that experience builds knowledge but there is a difference between professional experience of a tipper and his experience in betting.

For example, a tipster could be a former bookie with rich experience in making soccer betting odds. But his experience in making tips might be too little to rely on the tipper.

Or a tipster might have rich experience in making tips but he could be without any professional background. In this situation, you should use your knowledge. When both the options look similar, you should consider other factors.

2. Strike rate

The second big factor in tipster serviced is strike rate of tippers. Every tipster has a strike rate that matches with his experience. For example, an experienced tipper should have a winning rate of 90% or above. A tipper that has just started might have no strike rate to show or he could have 100% strike rate. If he wins initial bets, his winning rate could be higher than others. You should keep looking for more factors before making an opinion on a tipster.

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3.Inside connection

It is better to say source of information but some tippers like to call their sources as inside connections. It is so because they want to show that they are smarter than others. You can rely on justified sources of information but it is hard to believe on inside connections because these relations can never be proved.

4. User reviews

Tipsters with rich experience in making predictions would have positive reviews by satisfied clients. Genuine reviews authored by bettors can provide real help in locating top soccer predictions for today. But you should be careful from planted reviews.


The most accurate soccer prediction site is one that has rich experience; an excellent winning rate and tons of positive reviews. But the sites that promote match fixing have to be removed from your list of potential tipsters. You shouldn’t rely on fixed-match tips as they are always misleading. Also, it is an illegal activity.