How many times has Brazil won the FIFA World Cup?

How many times has Brazil won the FIFA World Cup?

FIFA World Cup is a dream tournament for the professional footballers. The best teams and players of the world give their all to win this much-coveted trophy. Brazil has won it maximum number of time and participated the most times as well.

Like all other tournaments, FIFA World Cup also has its Hall of Fame where the best achievers are listed. All countries include their best players in the FIFA World Cup squad. Among the 32 countries contending this ace tournament, the countries making appearances in the top 10 are quite few. Brazil tops the list of achievers in the FIFA World Cup tally table. It has won this cup maximum times, i.e. 5 times.

Years of Brazilian glory

Brazil got the chance to hold the coveted cup maximum number of times. It is the top team that has been a regular at the FIFA World Cup. This football champion from South America won the cup in the years – 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, and 2002.

Apart from winning the World Cup, the team managed to reach top four finishing at the second, third and fourth place twice each. Brazil ended runner-up in the years 1950 and 1998.

Which countries Brazil defeated to win those final matches?

Brazil has taken home the World Cup five times in total. The country outdid the teams like Sweden (in 1958), Chezchoslovakia (in 1962), Italy (in 1970 and 1994) and Germany (in 2014).

The biggest goal difference by which the country defeated the opponent has been 3. Here is how the final score sheet looked like:

  1. Brazil – Sweden: 5-2, year 1958
  2. Brazil – Italy: 4-1, year 1970
  3. Brazil – Chezchoslovakia, 3-1, year 1962
  4. Brazil – Italy: 3-2 penalty shoot-out decided winner
  5. Brazil – Germany: 2-0, year 2002

Since 2002, Brazil has not reached the final of the FIFA World Cup. It gets the toughest fights mostly from Italy which is considered its arch rival.

How many times Brazil has participated in the FIFA World Cup?

Brazil is the only country that has qualified for the FIFA World Cup in all its editions. Hence, it has never missed the FIFA World Cup. This team has participated 21 times in total in this tournament.

What are the most interesting facts about Brazil’s performance in the FIFA World Cup?

The very first edition of the FIFA World Cup was organized in 1930. In this year, 13 teams participated. Brazil was one of them. In current format, 32 countries participate in the FIFA World Cup.

Brazil’s traditional rival is Argentina. They have met each other total of four times and all those matches have seen high voltage action. However, the country which Brazil has played the most times in the final match is Sweden. They have entered finals seven times. Of the seven meetings, Brazil cruised to the title 5 times.

Brazil has given us the legendary footballer Pele. The team’s player Valdemar de Brito introduced the world to Pele after he had a shameful penalty miss in 1934 World Cup Final.

The top goalscorers in Brazil’s squad contributing to its World Cup’s wins are Vavá, Pelé, Mário Zagallo (1958), Amarildo, Zito, Vavá (1962), Pelé, Gérson, Jairzinho, Carlos Alberto (1970) and Ronaldo (2002).

Has Brazil ever won the FIFA World Cup by penalty shoot-out?


Penalty shoot-out rule was put to practice in 1982 for the first time. Before this, if the teams’ scores ended in tie even after extra time, the rule was to replay the final. After 1982, the penalty shoot-out was used to decide the winner. Brazil scored a win through this arrangement in 1994’s final. This was the first final in the World Cup History that was decided using penalty shoot-out. The ace striker Romario was awarded the Golden Ball as the best player of the tournament this year.

How many times the World Cup final was won by the home team?

About six of the eight winning teams have won the World Cup while hosting the tournament’s final. Brazil is one of the teams that hosted the final but lost it in front of the home audience. The country could not take advantage of the famous home-field advantage phenomenon and lost the game to Uruguay. On the other hand, England and France have won the World Cup only those times when the final was at their home turf.

How many times has Brazil scored clean sheet in the FIFA World Cup?

Brazil’s top goalkeepers’ list comprises Leao, Taffarel and Gilmar. They had the best record as goalkeeper in the Brazil’s FIFA World Cup History. They had clean sheets 8, 8 and 7 times respectively in the tournament.

For the uninitiated, clean sheet happens when the goalkeeper defends all goals successfully. The defending spirit and the goalkeeper’s capabilities both contribute to clean sheet record.

Is there any instance where Brazil scored an own goal in the FIFA World Cup?

The pressure of the FIFA World Cup final is anyway quite high. Amidst such chaos, the incidence of own goal adds to the drama multi-fold. Brazil faced the wrath of this unfateful incident in the FIFA World cup about three times.

Brazilian defender Marcelo created this shocker in the opening match of 2014 World Cup and became the first player of Brazil to have an own goal. It was not the last, however. Also, the team survived this shocker and went steadily on to win the match eventually. Later in 2018, Fernandinho repeated the blunder at the 13th minute of the game against Belgium.

Many other teams have scored own goals at various matches in the World Cup tournament.

Brazil is one of the top-performing teams in the FIFA World Cup. It has been regularly participating in the tournament without any misses. The team has won the tournament maximum 15 times. It faces the toughest competition from Argentina and Italy. In the coming edition of the World Cup, the team is enjoying the same odd of 6/1 as France. It has not won the trophy since 1998. For the current edition, Brazil has become the first South American team to have qualified for the tournament.

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