Can Brazil win FIFA World Cup 2022?

can brazil win the FIFA world cup 2022

The 2022 World Cup is on every sports event’s calendar. As you already know, this year, the tournament will occur in Qatar from November 20 to December 18. With traditional national teams joining the World Cup, Brazil grabs the spotlight as an anticipated winner of 2022. But will victory favor the Samba Boys to take the trophy home? Let’s find out more in this post.

For an ardent football fan, the best world cup is always the one that falls closest to their tenth birthday ceremony. If you can relate, it was 1982 year when Brazil kept no stone unturned by achieving their victorious success.

The 1982 finals in the land of Spain were purely an assault on all senses. Remember the over-saturated TV hues alongside the air horns’ sounds? What was most remembered was the muffled commentary struggling to be heard.

That’s when Brazil captured the throne, and they were excellent. Later on, in 2002, Brazil again achieved victory. So, shall victory favor Brazil after two decades? Let’s find out what stats and reports have to state:

Why is Brazil Considered a strong contender for FIFA World Cup 2022?

The Samba Boys are now back on the stage with a solid squad of qualified stars. The Brazilian team is supposed to end their 20-year wait for World Cup. Being popular as one of the best football teams, Brazil has achieved the top position with 1837.56 points.

Considering their world cup qualifiers, they are absolutely unbeaten. If the latest reports are anything to go by, Brazil will have to find their way past Serbia, Cameroon, and Switzerland in the Group G, before hitting the bigger tests. Here are the top-notch players allocated to play in the team in 2022 World Cup.

Top Players to Play for Brazil in Qatar 2022

If the latest reports are anything to go by, expect Marquinhos and Thiago Silva to have fair chances of starting off. However, Bremer, Gabriel Magalhaes, and Eder Militao as regular starters at Europe’s biggest clubs. Brazil’s variety of options is one more reason why they are considered the pre-tournament favorites.

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No wonder there are attackers like Vinicius Junior, Neymar, Raphinha, Gabriel Jesus, Richarlison, and Antony, who strengthen the team even more. Without a single doubt, Neymar is a popular South-American player. The Selecao star is the third most popular player on Brazil’s scorers. Much to the knowledge of fans, he is the most watched player during the World Cup. In fact, watching him during the tournament has always been a treat to the eyes.

Form of attack and coordination among team members

Vinicius and Neymar have already been unbeaten in thirteen consecutive matches. It goes without saying that the previous year’s Copa America witnessed a great deal of understanding among the team members, specifically among attacking players.

When Neymar plays from behind, Paketa’s understanding with the player and attempt to break the defense are two things fans find hope in.

In the World Cup 2002, when Brazil won the finals, Roberto Carlos and Kafu were outstanding. Upon the break, Denilson came as the substitute & kept their opponent busy.

Though there are not so many fullbacks in Brazil, the team is still going to be ahead in attacks with two ends. Note that there are wingers such as Rapinha, Rodrygo, and Vinicius.

What makes Brazil a fantastic team this year?

Neymar might be the star of the team, but it’s never possible to guarantee Brazil’s victory only by relying on him, isn’t it? Since football is a team sport, it should be played as one team. Considering the reports of 2014 & 2018, Brazil, the PSG star failed to play even though he was completely fit because of the injury. And what if something like this happens yet another time? If Brazil doesn’t get Neymar, it might have a Plan B.

On this note, Tito has been working on the attack for different months. At times, Jesus is also seen. Besides, one can expect the bonding between Rafinha and Antonio to improve with the right wing. In addition, Vinicius is getting to enter. With these players on the list, Brazil is expected to make a great entry this time.

One quick note: The Brazilian coach (Paketa) has developed the habit of stopping, playing, and attacking, side by side and shocking out-of-the-box shots.

In simple words, scoring goals is a responsibility, and only one team member is not supposed to be burdened with it. No wonder the intoxication of goals is present in everyone in attacks. Besides filling in the space, what if Neymar moves away to the right or left? In such cases, Paketa or another player may lie in front of the box. So, when the pas comes, he might take the kick and attempt for the goal.

Can Casimiro Bring Victory for The Brazilians?

There’s a popular saying – a single player would never bring victory for the whole team. But if you remember the match between Belgium and Brazil, you know one thing. In the last quarter-final, Midfielder Casimiro was unable to play because of a yellow card.

Kevin de Bruyne-Eden Hazard then snatched the midfielder. On that pitch, Lukaku entered Brazil almost uninterrupted. From then and there, Brazil got eliminated. Fans thought had Casimiro been in the game; their outcomes would have been different.

Casimiro is recently leading the charge. And midfielders playing in the midfield may be important in the World Cup. In addition, each team dreams of getting the ‘tank-like Casimiro. So, can Casimiro bring victory to the team?

Wrapping up

Now that you have learned the possible aspects that might make Brazil a clear winner, get an insight into updates and news. At, you can look for expertise for deciding on the World Cup winners. Seek the assistance of the FIFA world cup tipsters & find out more about your favorite players. So, do you think anything is supposed to be added? If yes, give your valuable reviews in the comment section.