What Soccer Tournament is in 2022?

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Soccer is a glamorous sport, with numerous tournaments held annually all over the world. Hundreds of millions of fans around the world wait enthusiastically for the thrilling tournaments in which their favorite players and teams compete to win the coveted trophies.

The world’s most popular and prestigious sport, soccer sees a variety of professional leagues and dedicated teams competing for the most coveted titles. It has a fan base that no other sport can match.

Every year, several soccer tournaments take place all over the world, increasing the level of excitement among passionate followers. The year 2022 will be a sporting extravaganza for soccer fans all over the world, as it will host the FIFA World Cup, the greatest soccer tournament of all time. There are several other soccer tournaments taking place in 2022 that the audiences can watch out for.

If you enjoy soccer and are looking forward to watching the game, this article will provide you with relevant information on the major soccer tournaments to be held in 2022, as well as the details of their dates and venues. Continue reading to learn more about the tournaments that will be held this year, and get ready to watch some exciting soccer championships all through the year.

World Cup

The FIFA World Cup, soccer’s most celebrated tournament, will be held in Qatar in 2022. From November 21 to December 18, 2022, the world will be watching the most eagerly awaited soccer tournament of all time with bated breath. The FIFA World Cup will be held for the 22nd time in 2022.

This World Cup is intriguing in several ways, with noteworthy events taking place throughout the tournament, including the following:

  • The audience will watch the World Cup being held for the first time in the Arab world.
  • After the 2002 World Cup, which was held in South Korea and Japan, this will be the second World Cup to be held in Asia.
  • The tournament will be the last to feature 32 teams, with a 48-team tournament in the United States, Mexico, and Canada scheduled for the year 2026.
  • It’s the first time a World Cup hasn’t been held in summer.

Beginning in 1930, the FIFA World Cup is held every four years. The tournament sees men’s national football teams from all over the world competing. Organized by the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), the tournament has France as the current world champion.

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UEFA Women’s Euro

The UEFA European Women’s Football Championship will be held from July 6 to July 31, 2022. The championship is held between national teams of the UEFA confederation and is organized by UEFA for European women’s national teams. The title is also known as the UEFA Women’s Euro. The championship is interesting because of the following reasons:

  • The host team of the UEFA European Women’s Football Championship will be England.
  • For the second time, England is hosting the competition.
  • The UEFA Women’s Championship is in its 13th year.
  • This tournament will feature 16 countries.

Copa Libertadores

On October 29, 2022, Ecuador will host the Copa Libertadores tournament. It will be the competition’s 63rd edition. The Copa Libertadores, South America’s premier club football tournament, is an annual international club football competition. Since 1960, CONMEBOL has hosted the competition. The tournament’s most successful club is Argentina’s Independiente, which has won it seven times.

CONCACAF W Championship

The 11th edition of the CONCACAF Women’s Championship will take place in 2022. The tournament will serve as a CONCACAF qualifier for the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup and the 2024 Summer Olympics football tournament. The tournament, which will take place in Mexico from July 4 to 18, 2022, will feature eight teams. It is a quadrennial international women’s football tournament contested by senior women’s national teams representing CONCACAF member associations.

UEFA Super Cup

The UEFA Super Cup to be held on August 10, 2022, in Finland, is the 47th edition of the competition. The winners of the 2021–22 UEFA Champions League and the 2021–22 UEFA Europa League will compete in this match. This is an annual football match organized by UEFA in which the winners of the two major European club competitions, the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League, compete.

FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup

The FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup to be held in 2022 will be the tenth edition of the tournament. Costa Rica will host the competition. A total of 16 countries are competing for the title. Since its inception in 2002, the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup has been a biennial international women’s youth football championship contested by the under-20 national teams of FIFA member associations. The Defending Champion is Japan. Other past champions include the United States, Germany, and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup

The FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup in 2022 will be the 7th edition of the tournament. India will host the tournament from October 11 to October 30, 2022. India will be hosting a FIFA women’s football tournament for the first time. This is a football tournament for female players under the age of 17 that takes place every two years. The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) is in charge of organizing the event. Starting in 2008, the tournament is held every even-numbered year. Spain is the current world champion of the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup.

The Bottom Line

Soccer fans and followers are emotionally and passionately invested in the sport. Fans experience a wide range of emotions when it comes to soccer. They are glued to their televisions when a certain tournament is broadcast. Fans are so enthralled by soccer that the sight of one of their favorite players scoring a spectacular goal fills them with joy, excitement, and passion.

If you’re a die-hard soccer fan who can’t wait to see your favorite team or player put on a smashing show on the pitch, the year 2022 has plenty of tournaments you can look forward to. So, get ready to cheer on your much-loved team and players in some of the most thrilling and exciting soccer tournaments ever in 2022!