Rely only on verified soccer tips

How would you determine reliability of a tipster? What could you do to establish trustworthiness of a soccer betting expert? There are many tipsters and they are vying to sell tips. They are targeting bettors with discount offers and also some experts are claiming to have info on fixed matches.

Let’s discuss the factors you can consider to determine reliability of tipsters

Personal Biodata: It is a great idea to go through the personal biodata including experience and success rate of a tipster before making an opinion on him. Tipsters provide comprehensive details on their betting experience on their sites. But many times, the personal info is optimized for better results. You shouldn’t rely on any piece of info without cross checking it with other sources.

Search Engine Results: Tipster sites are like other sites and these sites also rely on search marketing for traffic and business. Search engine rank is the first factor to consider as you will be guided to sites by search engine. The first ten sites will be more reliable but you should look ahead than search engine results.

Social Media Presence: Today there is hardly any business that isn’t available on social media or that isn’t discussed on social networking sites. You can rely on social media for info on tips and tipsters. If you can match the search engine results of a tipster site with its social media results, you can rely on it.

Tipster Rating: There are sites that rate tipsters according to their experience and winning rate. A tipster rating site can give you sites from where you can buy verified soccer tips. You can rely on a tipster rating site as it rates every tipster on some factors including his experience in soccer betting and his success rate.

Word-from-Mouth: You could have friends that can suggest you tipsters. If you have friends that bet on football matches, you can ask your friends about their betting experience and tips. They can tell you which tipster is more reliable and why. You can rely on words of your friends.

Try Tipsters: If you don’t want to rely on your friends then you can rely on your findings. Start with shortlisting tipsters that are experienced and try each tipster one by one. Buy tips from each tipster and see who is providing winning tips. In this way, you can determine their reliability. The process will cost you some time and money but you will be able to find right soccer tipsters for betting.