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Some surprising reasons for buying tips

Soccer bettors have different reasons for relying on tipsters and it is this reason that determines whether the bettor gets winning tips. Here we’ll discuss reasons and check whether the reason is reliable.

Reason 1: Scientific formula

Football betting odds are determined after making many calculations like performance of players, which team is contesting with which, weather conditions and home ground. Betting syndicates have complete information on players, teams and tournaments and this information helps bookies make winning odds.

Reason 2: Inside information

One thing common about most tipster is they claim to have inside information about tips. They claim to have business association with betting syndicates and that the syndicates share secret info about odds with them.

Reason 3: Guarantee

Some tippers give guarantee of success. They assure bettors about winning and that the punters need not worrying about the process of breaking odds as they’re getting winning tips. The bettors are offered replacement tips for each failed prediction.

Reason 4: Match fixing

There are tippers that promote match fixing. They say that most matches are fixed and that they have information about fixed matches. They say that they’re involved in fixing matches. It is hard to believe that betting syndicates would pass secret info on match fixing to tipsters but some bettors believe on this claim.

Which tipster should you rely on?

Accurate soccer prediction sites give different reasons to bettors and it is for punters to choose right tippers. A close analysis of all reasons shows that the first reason that is scientific formula looks more reliable. You can rely on mathematical calculations that have strong reasons to believe. Other reasons have no foundation hence they are unreliable.

Why bettors rely on inside information?

Punters want assurance that they will win but mathematical formula only gives hope. The formula gives near accurate prediction but there is no certainty of winning with mathematical formula. On the contrary, inside information is more reliable. A tipster that has secret info on betting odds can easily find the winning odd from the given options.

soccer forecast predictions

soccer forecast predictions

Never rely on match fixing

There is nothing like fixing matches as it isn’t possible. What tipsters do is they take advantage of media reports about match fixing. But the reality is that the tipsters lie to make money. If you believe on match fixing, you have no reason to believe on tipsters getting secret information on fixed matches.