7 Bold Predictions for the 2022 FIFA World Cup

7 Bold Predictions for the 2022 FIFA World Cup

If you want to learn further about the teams that might be likely to challenge for the FIFA World Cup, welcome to this post. As the 2022 World Cup is only two months away, fans have already started anticipating their predictions. If you want to know the seven bold ones, read on in this post.

Experts and football gurus have already started predicting the FIFA World Cup 2022. Now that the event is slated to happen in November, fans are now really excited to gain an insight into the plausible news and updates.

Given the fact that the 2022 World Cup is a long way away from today, experts are making their predictions. So, what are the top seven bold predictions of FIFA’s crown? Learn more from the given narration. Dive into the post to learn further on this front.

#1 Benzema to Win the Award for the Golden Ball

If you are a fan of Karim Benzema, you might expect the player to bring the award for the Golden ball. At least, that’s what the fans of this French forward are expected. Benzema is regarded as one of the most fantastic players this time. Fans still remember how he earned his reputation.

Now, they want him to win the Golden Ball award. But it would really be debatable. Undoubtedly, other players can also perform well and earn the position. FIFA World Cup 2022 predictions include that Mbappé might be crowned the tournament player.

On the other hand, Benzema has returned to France. Since his return to Deschamps’ side in 2021 (June), this veteran striker has netted around ten goals within his 16 appearances. And let’s not forget, for Mbappé to win this year’s Golden Ball is not a surprising fact. But fans back Benzema to outperform his teammate and win the award.

#2 Denmark to Reach the Quarterfinals

Stating that Denmark’s final tournament experience was not that great would be a sheer understatement. In spite of reaching the Euro 2020 semifinals, that campaign got overshadowed by Eriksen’s cardiac arrest.

Luckily, Eriksen lasted that ordeal. And it’s noteworthy to state that he returned to his action in March before after signing a contract for Manchester United. That was in July. This year, he has been poised to have a fundamental role in the 2022 World Cup for his nation.

Denmark will have to buck up with the Samba boys and Germany squad expected to reach the last tournaments.

#3 England to Beat France

The FIFA World Cup predictions will remain incomplete if it includes this prediction. According to the latest news and reports, England is expected to beat France and go to the finals.

You might have seen how in the recent years, Southgate and the players lured their fans into believing that they might reach the finals in Qatar. In fact, if you go by the betting apps, you will see how Brazil is expected to lift the trophy, and so can England. But note that French fans are also hopeful that their favorite team shall beat others in the tournament.

#4 Bellingham Is Expected to Win the Award for Best Player in the Young Category

As per expectations, Bellingham is only 19 years. And after building his reputation in Birmingham City, the player joined Dortmund when he was only 17 years. Ever since then, he chalked up around ninety-one team appearances and bagged around eleven goals & eighteen assists.

As per expectations, Bellingham has around fifteen international caps under the belt. And the manager of England, Southgate, has total faith in this teenager. Names such as Lukas Podolski, Michael Owen, Paul Pogba, and Thomas Müller have also won the award. But Bellingham is expected to add his name to the queue of best players this year in Qatar.

#5 Ronaldo and Messi Might Not Score That High in Qatar

The next call is for the FIFA World Cup legend – Cristiano Ronaldo. And it’s also about Lionel Messi. This iconic duo is always expected to be in the predictions.

Ronaldo happens to be a great goalscorer, while Messi is the fourth one on the leaderboard, securing 86 goals for his nation. But these elite goalscorers might not score that high in Qatar. That’s what the reports and news have to confirm.

Ronaldo’s Portugal may face Ghana, South Korea, and Uruguay, while Argentina shall compete against Mexico, Poland, and Saudi Arabia in the C Group. Irrespective of what will occur in the tournament, Messi, and Ronaldo are always among the top soccer players.

#6 USA Is Expected to Score High

The US already qualified for the seven World Cups from 1990 to 2014. During this period, the Stars & Stripes failed to win. They only managed to go until the quarterfinals. But if all the latest reports are to be believed, they are expected to go beyond what you expect. Thanks to Gregg Berhalter, who has transformed this team and made them immensely competent.

#7 Belgium Might Not Qualify for Knockout

Belgium must go deeper into this year’s tournament. Powerhouses like France, England, and Brazil are favored to lift their trophy. However, as per expectations, Belgium is set to be a real contender this time. In Qatar, it is in Group F. And let’s not forget – Croatia 2018 reached the finals. Besides, Belgium also appears to be one of the recommended props. So, do you think Belgium can actually compete against the strongest teams this time and win?

FIFA World Cup is expected to go live in November. If you are excited to dive into the captivating journey, let’s start predicting. So, after giving these bold predictions for the 2022 FIFA World Cup – now is the time to learn more. You can share your feedback and predictions with valuable thoughts in the comment section below. You can gain more insight into the match. For this reason, stay glued here to learn further about the more such predictions for the 2022 FIFA world cup.