Are 100% sure soccer predictions possible?

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100% sure soccer predictions possible

Soccer betting is gambling and gambling is never a one-sided game. In football bets, you play against a bookie of your choice. The bookie provides odds and you try breaking the odds. The bookmaker puts his best efforts in making the odds that you can’t break and you can buy tips from a most experienced tipster to win the bets.

What if football betting becomes a one-sided game?

It won’t be a game if it becomes one-sided. You and your bookie have equal chances of winning and it is the real thrill of the game. The bookmaker tries his best and also you try your best. If you win, you feel excited but if you lose, you blame it on destiny and forget the defeat.

When you bet on a football match, you fear to lose the bet because you know that it is difficult to predict the outcome of a match. A tipster can predict a near correct result of a match but he also can’t be 100% sure of success. You can buy tips but you could lose bets even after buying tips. Your tipster would give you replacements for failed tips but the replaced predictions can also fail.

Why do tipsters claim 100% success?

The web is full of 100% sure soccer prediction sites but if you dig deeper, you will find that these websites use ambiguous language to mislead bettors. The sites offer tips with the guarantee of success but they put many “ifs” and “buts” in the guarantee. For instance, the guarantee could be only for selected bets or selected team, matches or tournaments. If you go through the client testimonial of these sites, you will find many unsatisfied clients venting their anger in their reviews.

soccer tipsters, soccer predictions sites, 100% sure soccer prediction sites

100% sure soccer prediction sites

Tipsters give guaranteed tips for making a quick profit. Average bettors are unaware about basics of football betting. They rely on the tall claims made by fraud tipsters. These bettors are interested in buying winning tips at a discounted price to save some money. The tipsters give assurance of 100% success and get quick money by selling more tips.

Fix matches for 100% success

Success is guaranteed only when the matches are fixed and the information about fixed matches is leaked. If your tipster can access secret info about match-fixing, he can assure you of winning bets. It is difficult to say whether matches can be fixed but it is certain that tipsters can’t get information about match-fixing.