Who is the best player in the Premier League in 2022?

The Premier League always provides a reason for excitement, whether it’s the high-quality teams, the world-class coaching, the amount of great matches that it provides every single weekend and so many different things.

And of course, the biggest source of interest that it has as a football championship is the high amount of world of class players that it has. Whether it’s Cristiano Ronaldo, Mohamed Salah, Kevin De Bruyne, or Bruno Fernandes, among many others, the Premier League is filled with talent and there are always lots of players standing up and delivering great performances

In that regard, who has been the best player so far this season in the English Premier League? Today we present you the candidates for that award, as of this writing:

Mohamed Salah.

This seems like the most obvious candidate and it is easy to understand why: Mohamed Salah has been absolutely unstoppable so far this season and has been Liverpool’s most consistent player for years now, even during the team’s slump in form last season, which highlights how good the Egyptian winger has been for the Anfield side.

Even though he had to go with Egypt to the African Cup of Nations, he so far has scored 16 goals in 20 games, as of this writing, which highlights how important and productive he has been for Liverpool in this campaign, pushing them to the second place of the English Premier League and the only side capable of making somewhat of a title challenge to Manchester City.

There is also a very good argument that, based on form alone, Mohamed Salah is the best player in the world right now and that’s saying something.

Joao Cancelo.

best player in the Premier League in 2022

The Portuguese full-back has always been a highly talented player and he has delivered great seasons with Valencia, Inter Milan and Juventus and with Manchester City has completely fulfilled his potential, becoming one of the best players in the Premier League and becoming instrumental in Pep Guardiola’s team.

One of the most interesting elements about Cancelo is not only his dexterity with the ball, his tremendously high football IQ or his decision-making but also the fact that he has transcended the game of a simple full-back as he usually bombs forward, adding himself to midfielder and often performing as a playmaker, which adds another layer of quality and variety to Guardiola’s side. He is very important in the build-up and not a lot of full-backs can deliver the goods that way.

You can’t understand Manchester City being leaders of the English Premier League so far this season without Cancelo’s input and that is something very important to take into account, which is why he is bound to be one of the best players of the league this season and being in the discussion for the best.

Trent Alexander-Arnold.

The most important player in Liverpool not named Mohamed Salah. That doesn’t make him the best of the side, but his importance is instrumental for the side to properly work.

If we are speaking about full-backs having a lot of importance and influence in the creative side of things, Trent Alexander-Arnold has recovered his best version and looks as dangerous as ever, constantly assisting the likes of Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah, which in return provides another factor to Liverpool’s attack and they certainly looked a bit lifeless last season when Trent was in a downward state of form.

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But this season he has been back to his best and Liverpool wouldn’t be where they are right now if it weren’t for him, so that is something worth taking into account when analyzing the best players of this league so far this season.

Bernardo Silva.

Bernardo Silva looked almost out of the door when Manchester City signed Jack Grealish and yet, he has managed to become the best player in their attack so far this season! There is a very good argument that he has been the best player in their whole squad so far this season, which highlights the level of fortune that City had that he managed to stay and contribute to the team.

There was never any question that Silva was a player of the highest caliber and although he looked lost in the last two previous seasons due to him being overshadowed by other players, this season he has looked once again like 2018/19 Bernardo, who managed to amaze the world when Kevin De Bruyne was injured, so this level of his is not news, either.

It’s important to point out that he has scored multiple goals that have given Manchester City key points during the season and his influence has been quite notorious so far this season, so he is definitely in the discussion for best player of the season so far.


All of these players have valid arguments to be the best player of the English Premier League this season, but based on our own analysis and data, the award needs to go to Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah.

No other player in the league can command his influence, his technicality, his dexterity on the ball, his amount of goals and the clutch factor that he has, constantly showing up when his team needs him the most. He has been Liverpool’s most consistent player for years now and he has continued to show that once again this season, leading them to a title challenge when the vast majority of Premier League teams cannot catch up to Manchester City.

And when you consider the man’s production and how effective he has been in terms of the chances he has created and the chance he has scored, we are talking about a player that could very well be in the discussion for the best player in the world as we currently speak, so that is another factor that is worth taking into account in this particular discussion.

None of these players are bad options, but we will definitely go with Salah on this one.