Who are soccer tipsters?

soccer tipsters

Who are soccer tipsters?

Who can become a football betting tipster? It is necessary you know qualifications and work experience needed to start tipping service for football bettors. Technically a person with good knowledge on soccer, teams and tournaments can become a reliable tipster. But in reality a large number of soccer betting advisors claim to have good relations with bookies and team managers.

Why soccer betting is presented in bad light?

Football enthusiasts want to believe on the tacit relationship between bookies, betting syndicates and the advisors that provide winning tips. They think that matches are fixed or that the bookies and betting syndicates know which the winning odds are. They want to rely more on relations than knowledge.

• Matches can never be fixed
• Bookies are like agents
• Betting syndicates are like businesses
• Soccer betting is a legit business
• Bookies give no hints of winning teams
• Betting syndicates don’t know which teams will win

Tipsters are bettors

It won’t be wrong to call tipsters bettors as they play on behalf of gamblers. When you buy a tip, you rely on the advisor. You rely on his knowledge and understanding of the game or on his relations with bookies. But your winning chances are determined by ability of the tipster. Reliable soccer tipsters are those that understand the game of soccer; rules of tournaments and that keep an eagle eye over performance of teams and players.

Soccer prediction is a mathematical calculation made with precision. Tipsters can make these calculations in an error free manner. They use their knowledge on the game and the data about teams and players to arrive at any conclusion regarding winners. They also keep injuries, replacements and other factors that can turn the game in mind while making calculations.

Let’s discuss the bigger question

Should you buy tips?

You want to gamble on football matches but at the same time you want to win bets. You have odds but you don’t know how to break the odds. You try your bets but all your efforts go in vain. Here you will want to rely on an experienced tipster but wait before you deal with the first tipster site you find on the web. Your decision of buying tips is taken in haste hence it could be wrong. Instead of winning bets, you could lose your bet and the money invested on tips. It will be a double loss but you can avoid loss.