Which are 100% sure soccer prediction sites?

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Betting becomes a profitable feat when you have the best resources in hand. Authentic information sources, highly accurate prediction sites, and the best-quality algorithms empowered by machine learning and AI make the whole betting process quite yielding.

There is no denying the fact that research is your best tool for betting. But, when you get the support of 100% sure soccer prediction sites, the situation becomes all the more promising.

Let’s go through some of the common queries that come across the mind when you are out, looking for the most reliable soccer prediction sites.

What makes a soccer prediction site 100% reliable?

What makes a soccer prediction site 100% reliable?The reliability of soccer prediction sites becomes quite appreciable when these platforms contain features, such as:

  1. Fully research-backed tips: The tipster sites keep record of the teams’ and players’ performances. These sites go through and analyze the performance records of the teams and their star players. Apart from the past performances, the tipsters analyze the current form of the teams too.

Only goals and matches are not the determiners of success or teams’ performance. The tipsters keep an investigative eye on the behavior of players. The red card or yellow cards received can change the turn of events during a match unexpectedly.


  1. Transparent betting conditions: Betting sites should provide a transparent system of putting money on odds.

What factors to consider while choosing a soccer prediction site?

There is a deluge of soccer predictions site, and it can make the selection process quite tricky. The users trying to find the most

authentic and reliable soccer predictions tips must consider the following points:

  1.   The tipster site must elaborate on the bookies and the syndicates they team with to provide the betting predictions. Their association with authentic bookies makes them more reliable than other counterparts.
  2.   The tipsters must consider both the inside information and actual performance while giving predictions. Inside information is necessary, but it cannot chalk out the outcomes that arise due to unexpected shuffles in the field, or action in the dressing room. The current form has to be substantiated with the past records to ascertain the reliability of tips.
  3.   Focus on research by tipsters makes any prediction site fairly reliable. The research outlines the outcomes and provides an indication of how the teams will perform under prevailing conditions.
  4.   Money-back schemes: It is the confidence in the correctness of the scheme that encourages the soccer prediction sites to roll out money-back schemes. The betting experts or beginners may feel a bit relaxed with this confidence level.
  5.   Comfort with the betting formulas: Almost every resource is available online, including the betting formula. The tipsters may show considerable ease with yielding odds by employing those formulae. When you pick a betting prediction site for the soccer games, the tipsters’ fluency with formulas can work in your favor.
  6.     Adherence to fair practices: Betting prediction sites of reliable type will never make almost impossible claims. Their outcomes and the betting yield sound quite realistic.

What precautions to take while selecting the betting prediction site?

What precautions to take while selecting the betting prediction site?There is nothing called a ‘100% fool-proof betting prediction site.’ The punters need to have a backing of in-depth research always. Many sites offer certain unrealistic offers that may sound quite appealing at shallow inspection. Falling into such traps is easy, but you can manage to stay away from those rosy picture painters if you take these precautions:

  1.   Read thoroughly the concept of free bets, bonus bets, or free tips. They may ask for staggering wagering requirements which can be financially taxing to you. Hence, understanding the ‘free offers but at what cost’ is an important thing to do.
  2.   Check the correctness of inside connection claims made by the tipsters. The inside connections mean an understanding with bookies, team managers, or clubs’ spokespersons, etc. If the claims are too tall to believe, staying away will be a safe bet.
  3.   Check the experience of the betting prediction experts: Whether the soccer betting prediction site has roped in experienced tipsters or not is a thing of serious consideration. There are various bets like half-time score, full-time score, clean sheet, etc. that require the experience of the tipster to assure their reliability.

What are the safe bets that can be won with soccer prediction sites?

Soccer prediction sites with 100% sure results do have an exclusive set of bets which are considered the safest. These safe bets are highlighted to build confidence and to ascertain the credibility of the prediction site. Some of the best yielding bets with high chances of winning are:

  1.   Half time/full-time goals: The speculators are not bound by the condition of predicting the exact figure. Thus, they find this bet quite safe. If they have studied the game of the contending teams in the home and away conditions, or taken into account the factors that are transforming their game, they can give the best-quality predictions. It will help you win some quick bucks.
  2.   Home win/ away win: If the homework on the teams’ performance records is done from a home and away ground perspective, it becomes easier to guess the outcome of this bet. For example, Liverpool has never lost any match on the home ground. So, putting money on Liverpool in a home match in EPL is quite a safe bet.
  3.   Clean sheets: The only inspection of the defender record in a tournament can help determine if there are high chances of him scoring a clean sheet. Thus, if the players with the highest number of goals defended are considered, the clean sheet bet can yield an assured win when the money is put on that top defender.

When the experience of tipsters of 100% sure prediction sites is most crucial for you?

When the experience of tipsters of 100% sure prediction sites is most crucial for you?Though there is hardly any aspect of soccer betting that does not demand the tipsters to be experienced, in a few cases it becomes more crucial. These situations are:

  1.   When you want the prediction on the BTTS: Both-teams-to-score is a big bet and requires a lot of fact-finding and rich experience in the sport. The tipsters’ experience counts a lot as they have kept a record of the rivalry status among many other things.
  2.   When the bet wants you to predict the exact score: If the odd is presented in the form of exact scores, only the experience of the tipster can change the fate of the bet. Predicting exact scores becomes quite difficult if you have not been following the game for long.
  3.   When there is a high price bet: There is always a high-priced odd that is too lucrative not to try. But, the groundwork and experience become quite crucial when you choose to opt for a big-ticket bet. Looking for an experienced, reliable tipster can yield much better results when you have prepared for this bet well in advance.
  4.   When a highly unlikely odd comes around: If a tipster site is floating an odd that no one has ever thought of, it should be considered with research and backing of an experienced tipster. Is the odd introduced just to create furor or there is some story to it, can be found if the tipster experience is rich and reliable.


The 100% sure soccer prediction sites are those that work with experienced tipsters. Their interface is straightforward and there is considerable transparency in the way of dealing. The tipsters used are quite experienced and the inside sources mentioned are credible reachable. Look for all these aspects when you want the prediction site to back your hunch to be the most reliable or 100% sure.


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