Recommended Soccer Predictions and Tips

Spread betting is a form of betting that has become more and more popular in recent years and with recommended soccer predictions at hand it’s far more exhilarating than betting on fixed odds betting. This sort of betting to a certain extent resembles Asian Handicap because the emphasis is on the punter having the same opportunity of winning whichever side s/he takes. The winning and losing scenario is based on how accurate you bet, or how wrong or right you are.
Spread betting
If a bookie expects about fifteen or sixteen corners in a game to be taken, fifteen to sixteen will be the spread. If you calculate that more than sixteen corners should be taken, you are able to purchase $10 for a point at sixteen. This means you are able to win $10 for each corner following the sixteenth, but if the corners taken are fewer than sixteen, you could lose a fair amount of money.
• For 21 corners in a match, you should make as earnings 21-16, times $10 = $50
• But, if only 13 corners happen to be taken, you are likely to lose 16-13, times $10 = $30
You can ‘sell’ as well, which is when to bet on the result is less than the spread laid down by the bookie. The more correct you are, the larger the winnings, the less right you are, the smaller the winnings. This is like when odds fall and everybody is out backing whichever team is the favourite. The spread may also alter regardless of the way the markets move and punters can gain an advantage by both selling and buying points for the same match. This is commonly named trading and through this punters can win money regardless of the outcome of the match.
In-play and spread betting


If you decide to purchase a point at eleven when the spread is ten to eleven, and because of market movements, the spread alters to fourteen to fifteen you may sell at fourteen, so you will make money whatever takes place in the match. If fifteen corners are taken, you will win 15-11 which is 4 x the bet for purchasing at 11 and you will lose only 1 x the stake from 15-14 if you sell at 14. This is the reason for most spread betting taking place in-play, as this is the most favourable way of taking advantage of current market movements.
You have seen already that despite even after recommended soccer predictions that the risk is far higher than betting on fixed odds in soccer, but the possible winnings could be quite significant. You will never know exactly the amount of money you could lose or win when placing a bet and that’s why the spread betting is mostly for high rollers.
By simply betting only on your favourite to win, your likely winnings won’t be any different whatever the winning margin happens to be. However, by purchasing one point in the spread, each goal scored means you may gain more money. How you bet may depend on the recommended soccer predictions you bought from