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Today, it’s not just guesswork when predicting soccer results. Predictions these days based on statistics are often used in sports betting. The target of statistical recommended soccer predictions for a match is so the bookmakers can be outwitted. It assists in setting a football match’s odds when it comes to a particular result.
There are certain statistical methods used when predicting and ranking is one of them. A ranking system for soccer involves assigning all teams a rank based on prior game outcomes. The strongest team gets the top ranking. It is a possibility that predicting a match’s outcome using the ranks given to opponents is a good way to come up with recommended soccer predictions

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There’s more than one football ranking system and a particularly well-known one is called World Football Elo Rating, which is a system used for national association men’s football teams that are publicised by the website It is calculated using the Elo ratings system but also has modifications to take into account certain soccer specific variables such as the margins for a victory, how important the match is and any advantage a team has when playing at home.

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The FIFA World Rankings does not use Elo, but the official rating system for national teams is used by the soccer world governing body. The system used for the FIFA Women’s World Ranking system is like the Elo model.
A 2nd method to get recommended soccer predictions is a rating system. Ranking is just related to a team’s order but the rating provides for all teams a strength indication. Ratings are assigned to both the strengths of defence and attack, any home benefits and to the skills players have. One rating system is called the pi-rating which provides a relative indication of the differences in superiority that exists between the different soccer teams which seems to gain more of a profit in the betting arena than Elo ratings .
The first suggested model for getting recommended soccer predictions between playing teams which have different skills was provided by Michael Maher in 1982. Maher’s model found that the goals scored during a game by opposing teams come from the Poisson distribution model. The model uses any differences that occur between both attack and defence skills using the advantage of a home field.
Calculation for attack strength
The attack strength is the mean number of goals for each team, for both the home game and the away game. This is worked out by counting the goals scored in the previous season and dividing this number by how many games were played.
For example, in the 2015/16 EPL season the score was 567/380 for home matches and 459/380 for away matches, which comes to 1.492 goals for at home with 1.207 for away matches. The attack strength is worked out as a ratio of the average for a team and the average of league.
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All recommended soccer predictions methods vary between the round-robin tournaments and Knockout competitions. For more detail about the predictions possible, check out