Professional soccer betting syndicates

Without any help but just using your own intuition, most of you hardly win any bets at all, but you continue to bet because one day you think you are going to win a jackpot! Joining one or more professional soccer betting syndicates is a way you can be more assured of winning more regularly, but not gaining quite so much profit. In theory, virtually every bet offers a positive return, but as with all betting randomness comes into play too. There are always unplanned events in soccer matches which add to the unpredictability of soccer results.

Professional soccer betting syndicates operate in a similar way to any other kind of business. They operate a bit like hedge funds but soccer is the main activity. Syndicates don’t tend to advertise as they are usually privately funded so external investments aren’t part of the business model.

Success in betting is determined by the price you put on a bet not what you choose to bet on. Overall randomness is what governs the final outcome of a match which involves the input of thousands of people and matches each influencing on what happens out in the field. So professional soccer betting syndicates making any sort of predictions is of no use. Probabilities are more important than predictions. A good team will defeat a bad team but what’s the real chance of this happening on a particular day.

Court-siding is sometimes used by professional soccer betting syndicates

Court-siding is when a live soccer event for example is attended and scores are reported in real time. The court-sider collects information about scoring a lot quicker than through watching then matching them on TV. Particularly in such sports as tennis and cricket it improves the way a syndicate bets. Present score data is inputted into a computer model which provides the likely outcome of the match. Obtaining the score information more quickly means the syndicate is given a competitive advantage as it is a few seconds ahead.

Computer models

Most professional soccer betting syndicates usually make use of computer models to help them. A computer model won’t know when a star striker in a team has pulled a hamstring and so won’t be playing, or how good or bad the weather is likely to be and its effect on the pitch. It does however know the effects of a change in manager or a new signing. Humans do need to put in some of their own input into a computer model to give it a hand. A lot of professional soccer betting syndicates use both mathematical modelling and input by a trader who has experience and can read what’s likely to happen in a match.

There are just 2 bookmakers’ markets where it’s possible to bet in big enough stakes that will keep professional soccer betting syndicates going. They are Over/Under and Asian Handicap and Football. Syndicates need to have liquidity so that they have a reasonable amount of money to bet with in the markets. can provide you with all the information you need to know about professional soccer betting syndicates.