How to find the best tipsters for soccer winning tips?

best tipsters in football betting

Providing accurate soccer predictions comes from practice and efficient analysis of historical and current data. Plenty of tipsters claim to be among the best tipster football and advertise their predictions to be accurate. But are they really so?

Understanding what to look for when searching for a good tipster who genuinely provides accurate predictions will help all punters in making the right choice.

Who are tipsters and what do they do?

tipsters and what do they do

In betting parlance, tipsters are people who regularly provide tips on the likely outcomes of sporting events like soccer, horse racing etc. These tips are provided either on the internet betting websites or other places where betting takes place.

Tipsters are generally considered to be more knowledgeable about the sporting event than the bookmakers who aet the odds. However, a tip is not considered to be a certainty. It is a derivative of the analytics done on the data associated with the sporting event vis-à-vis the odds set by the bookmaker. Effectively, a tipster uses his expert knowledge to enable punters to “beat the bookmakers”.

How do tipsters arrive at accurate estimations?

Accurate Estimations

A footy tipster will make use of many different tools, methods and means to arrive at a conclusion. The accuracy of this conclusion depends on how diligently the tipster applied the relevant methods. Maintaining this accuracy over a period of time gives tipsters an edge over the rest. Only such tipsters are worthy of being considered by punters for long-term association.

Tipsters use several different methods to enhance the accuracy of their predictions. For example, some might have access to information that is not publicly available. Others might give more emphasis to analysing commonly available information. They make use of statistical estimations about the match outcome and compare it with the bookmaker’s odds. A gap within the estimated odd and the bookmaker’s odd results in the creation of a “bettor’s value”. It is on this value that tipsters, like , recommend punters to place bets.

What qualities should a good tipster have?

quality of a good tipster

However, with tipsters mushrooming in hordes every other day and each claiming to be one of the best tipsters,punters face a challenging situation. What should they look for? How do they understand if a tipster is genuine? These are questions that generally plague punters. A rise in the number of scamsters looking to make easy money has further compounded the problem.

The viability of a tipster account depends on two important points.

  1. Tip accuracy: The meaning here is very apparent. It refers to the number of accurate tips that the tipster has historically provided. A successful tip is one which results in a pay out from the bookmaker. The percentage of successful tips is derived at by dividing the number of successful tips by the total number of tips provided by the tipster. This is generally displayed on the tipster website either as a percentage or as a decimal value. Punters should check this before they sign up with a tipster.
  2. Average odds of the tips provided: Odds represent the amount that the punter stands to gain as pay out from bookmakers after he wins a bet. Average odd is said to be the average of all bookmaker odds for which a tipster has provided tips to punters. This should also be displayed on the website for the punter to see and judge.

Both of these points are equally important in understanding the viability of a tipster and punters should perform due diligence before zeroing on a tipster.

What are the different types of tips available?

different types of tips

Generally speaking, there are two types of tips available today. One comes from the professional footy tipster and the other comes from complex algorithm-based software. A professional tipster provides tips based on knowledge, observation and statistical analysis. However, a software will place special emphasis on the programmed algorithms. But preference is given to tips obtained from professional tipsters because they take into account several different factors like:

  • Current standing of the participating teams
  • Number of goals scored in previous playoffs
  • Form and psychology of the leading players
  • Historical data
  • Home field advantage
  • Recent chances in strategy etc

A software is as good as the data input and is considered to be less dependable because there is no guarantee of data updations.

Should punters opt for free tipster advice?

Often tipsters offer free advice. Punters might get confused by this. But free advice is for everyone. Tipsters generally distribute them to attract punters so they come and register with them. However, if punters have to gain winning tips, they should always opt for paid services from the best tipster football. Tips offered to punters availing paid services are more accurate and enhance their winning chances.

Ideally punters should look at both free and paid tips, analyse them and perform the required homework and then place bets to get the best results.

Is it better to go with one tipster?

All tipsters do not always provide tips for all football leagues, championships and matches. Hence, punters need to decide the leagues and championships that they are willing to bet on. Ideally, they should align themselves to more than one tipster so that all championships and matches are covered. The more tipsters a punter aligns with, the better. He will get a more realistic view of how things stand. But in such cases, punters should also be prepared to get differing opinions from different tipsters for the same match. Punters, then, need to do their own analysis and come to a decision. Punters gain experience in betting through trial and error. Hence, the more they make decisions based on data analysis and tipster advice, the better will be the outcome in the long run.


Irrespective of whether a punter is a beginner or a seasoned player, everyone needs to align with the best tipsters. Tips and advice provided by them generally lead to better financial gains. The number of football events taking place across the globe is huge and the data generated in these matches is enormous. Analysing such enormous data is almost impossible for a punter. However, tipster have the necessary knowledge, means and experience to deal with the same. Hence, opting to sign-up with a good tipster like makes for an intelligent decision.