Five Important Tool That A Football Bettor Must Have

Each bettor who is into football banker bets, has his or her own system, style as well as rate of success. There are many who use scientific methods and analyse multiple statistics prior to making a calculated conclusion for placing the wager. Then there are the many who follow their instincts, no matter how unfounded that is. Though the fact is, there are no perfect, correct or incorrect method of football betting.

Now that being said, any bettor who happens to be a serious gambler, must never get into betting blindfolded on a weekend. Hence, do go through the five indispensable assets and tools which no football bettor should go ahead without; to bet. These are the combination of both gut instinct and scientific approaches, which has high probability to succeed with football banker bets.

  • Statistics Are Vital: In all the football banker bets, statistics play a vital role. Still bettors either adore them or despise them, but there is definitely no path in the middle here. The number which are cold and hard, could give insight into different aspects of the football game which would at times appear to be daunting for applying on the betting process. Perhaps, such is the reason behind many bettors skipping statistical processing; which is indeed an error that could cost more than the wager.
    Statistical assessment is not rocket science. There is always a possibility to get extensive but convenient overview of the football action on multiple sites for the weekend games. Such websites give breakdowns on every minute thing, including the player scoring the most goals, with time and weather conditions; as well the location. Handicap and goals markets are the spots, where statistical data is required the most. If the average number of goals a team scored in each match is calculated, then a bettor can determine if he or she can place an Asian handicap or handicap on the bet slip without much worry. The goal percentage of a team can also be seen that the team scored at different durations in a match or series of matches.
    Checking previous game is alright for statistical insight, but for precise and useful data, it is best advised to check the past 25 to 30 games. It gives a clear picture of that team’s defensive and attacking stance while the football banker bets are successful.
  • Betslip To Be Maximised: The Majority of the bettors see betslip as a mere stepping piece between selecting their odds, betting and finally ensuring the wager. Though, this humble betslip of football banker bets does render more than just being a stepping piece.
    Betslip is primarily a tool which opens up an entire segment of possibilities in betting.
    Four selections of the betslips can let the bettor choose from Lucky 15s, Yankees, Fourfolds, Trebles, Doubles and Singles. This lets the potential return to increase or simply spreads the risks and contain the loss.
    The knowledge of combination entry and exits with permutation football banker bets may initially seem tad bit daunting, but it is not at all complex. Furthermore, majority of betslip at prominent sportsbooks do include the probable returns as well as a tiny icon of information that decodes it all for the bettor.
  • Right & Best Odds: After a bettor has done his or her own research while checking out what the betting experts are predicting, the bettor would have an idea of wagers that he or she wants to put on the game. However, prior to placing them, another important tool comes into practice – Comparison website of Odds.
    Using sportsbook for right and best odds is a matter of the past now. Tech-savvy bettors tend to use the comparison website of odds to ensure that they have the right data.
    Some of these websites help for free, while others charge a nominal fee for usage or an annual subscription. The different patterns of odds help bettors in making the right football banker bets to benefit from.
  • Tweets: Majority of the world with access to internet uses social media. Out of which there is a high percentage of users who tweet all the time. There are tipsters who tend to tweet betting advice on daily or hourly basis. Although, admittedly following someone and seeking his or her advice would pull the pride and fun out of a bettor’s own betslip; but it helps a lot.
    Following the Tweeter Accounts of the prominent tipsters will get more leads on the odds and games that would be profitable to bet.
    Though, comparing and verifying the information found through tweets, would be the right thing to do prior to applying them on football banker bets.
  • Instincts: Some bettors attempt to suppress their intuitive abilities, for reasons that they consider good. Whereas, there are many bettors who in a rush to put football banker bets only listen to their instincts. Both situations take away the benefit that could be gained by this natural edge that has to be sharpened well.
    Gut instincts help in landing the right betting opportunity and making the most of it.
    Gut instincts need to be honed with every other tools on this list, for it to work precisely.
    Letting gut instincts rule the betting may ruin the financial health of the bettor. Hence, going ahead cautiously is the key here.

The above five tools will help winning the football banker bets most of the times. However, there will be many other aspects that has to be watched for; beside the above. But everything will fall in place with practice and time. Each bettor develops his or her own system and wager style with subsequent games that he or she bets on. Seeking advice from seasoned bettors will also help in strengthening the wager strategy, but that mentorship has to be found and then followed. Winning average will increase, but after some initial losses, so it will be wise to bet small in the beginning.