FIFA World Cup Betting Guide: 10 Tips to success

FIFA World Cup Betting Guide: 10 Tips to success

FIFA World Cup is the most awaited even in the sports world. Make the best of the betting opportunities available in this event by learning the basics and the conditions typical to FIFA World Cup.

FIFA World Cup is an important event that is given separate section at the betting and tips sites. The enormous data, lots of teams and several established and emerging trends keep the bettors busy. Odds for the teams are decided way in advance and those keep changing as per the performance displayed in the season. So, how to manage all the hoopla around and still earn money? Here are the 10 tips to succeed in betting on FIFA World Cup games.

  1. Do statistical analysis of previous games
FIFA World Cup Betting Guide: 10 Tips to success

FIFA World Cup was held for the first time in 1930. It is organized every fourth year since then. All editions organized so far generate a lot of statistics. In statistical analysis, you can find the strongest teams and their performance trends. How the teams have fared in the group contenders and then in knock-off matches give a fair idea of what to expect in the coming duel.

  • Keep an eye on odds
FIFA World Cup Betting Guide: 10 Tips to success

Just like in all other tournaments, the rule persists in the FIFA World Cup competition too. That is, the stronger teams or those who have been achievers in the recent times are given low odds. For example, France and Brazil both have the odd of +6. And, the teams that have never performed amazingly may have odds as high as +10000. Such a difference in the odds helps predict the possibility of the outcome. Winning chances of team with low odds are high, kindly remember this rule!

  • Pay attention to situational aspects
FIFA World Cup Betting Guide: 10 Tips to success

Odds are not the final criterion, however. When the match is between two teams having same odd is to be predicted, then what to do? The trick lies in comparing their achievements in FIFA World cup tournament overall. For example, the team like France and Brazil both have the same odds. But, the bookmakers are most likely to favor France team more because they have taken home the trophy quite recently, which Brazil has not tasted success in FIFA for about a decade now. It is how you have to compare teams to arrive upon a betting decision.

  • Go for accumulator bets at group stage
FIFA World Cup Betting Guide: 10 Tips to success

When the final groups are announced and fixtures of group matches are announced, you find a peculiar characteristic. In most of the groups, one team is way more powerful in technique and performance than the group’s other teams. Hence, at group stage, there are lots of one-sided matches. Mostly, people become serious only after the knock-off stage is reached. So, that patch of one-sided matches is quite fruitful for making big profits from accumulator bets.

  • Learn about various types of FIFA-specific bets
FIFA World Cup Betting Guide: 10 Tips to success

FIFA offers a huge collection of betting styles to try luck. You can make use of all betting styles to create more earning opportunities. A few important ones are:

  • Odds are assigned way before the tournament starts. Hence, you can opt for outright betting. It means you can select a probable winner or favor it as per the current odds. You may also call it blind betting as the new contenders may enter the achiever’s list.
  • Multi-bet: You can append a number of bets in a single betting slip. Also popular as accumulator betting explained above.
  • Matched betting: It is almost like double chance. Here, you bet in favor of one team and also speculate the draw. It helps you win if the match ends in a draw possibilities of draw are low however.
  • Research on the National Teams
FIFA World Cup Betting Guide: 10 Tips to success

Your best friend is research when it comes to FIFA World cup betting. Know all about your team to make an opinion. You need not be backing your country’s team; patriotism should not fog your decision-making. Find the key players’ performance status, their fitness level and strategy at the turf. It helps bet profitably.

  • Keep track of bonus offers
FIFA World Cup Betting Guide: 10 Tips to success

The betting sites roll out a lot of promotional offers to attract bettors during FIFA season. It proves good for your betting account as you can have a financial cushion from the bonuses and free bet. A few popular offers are joining bonus, loyalty bonuses, weekly cashback offers, weekend bonuses, etc.

  • Practice disciplined spending
FIFA World Cup Betting Guide: 10 Tips to success

Bankroll management is very much important to stay active in betting. You must refrain from betting bigger amounts to cover losses. Also, don’t assign the complete budget to a single bet. Have a mix of matches to bet upon to spread the risk.

  1. Master betting on group winners
FIFA World Cup Betting Guide: 10 Tips to success

FIFA is played among eight groups. Hence, one can have a chance at an 8-fold accumulator. It is riskier but highly rewarding. Have a clear idea of the bets on group matches and do a well-organized research. It may pay back handsomely.

  • Go for reliable and reputed bookmakers
FIFA World Cup Betting Guide: 10 Tips to success

A highly reputed bookmaker has a high-quality service standard. They employ top-notch algorithm to provide most accurate odds. The convincing quality of odds help have correct idea of the chances likely to emerge from the match. These sites keep the staking process simple too.

  1. Go to FIFA section
  2. Select winner
  3. Input stake amount
  4. Select place bet.

You may select multiple teams to bet upon. It helps increase chances of winning. Also, a better reputed bookmaker provides personalized services and various additional benefits like tips, bonuses, etc. All these facilities can maximize the fun of FIFA World Cup betting tips.


FIFA World Cup is an event the football lovers look forward to with enthusiasm. It is a bettors’ paradise as the opportunities to win money from football games are in plenty. Use the points above to learn how to prepare for betting on FIFA matches and increase earnings. The caution and unbiased approach should be adopted along with the tips to success. These help stay away from bad decisions and losses.