What are the different types of tipster websites?

Do all tipsters look alike? If you think so then you would need changing your opinion on soccer tipsters after going through this blog. Tipster is a service and it is offered like a business. Tipster sites look equal as they offer similar services but they are different in design and presentation.

Here we’ll discuss different types of tipster websites

1) Experienced websites

It is the first type of sites. Today every tipster wants to look reliable and experience is the only way to build reliability. Also bettors rely on seasoned tippers. These sites highlight their years of working everywhere from the headline to the inner pages.

2) Highest scoring sites

In soccer tips, it is strike rate that matters most. A site with high winning rate like 70% and above would look reliable and get business. Soccer betting enthusiasts would buy tips from sites with high strike rate.

3) Positive feedbacks

Some sites try projecting their positive image with the help of client testimonials and feedbacks. But not all the testimonials and feedbacks are real. The websites hire review writers to write feedbacks.

4) Brand name

Some tipsters use their brand name to get business. These are senior bookies, coaches or players. They try convincing bettors to believe on their abilities and buy tips from their websites. The best soccer prediction site is one that is experienced, has high strike rate and also that carries a brand name.

5) Guaranteed success

Bettors are crazy about winning bets. They want to beat bookies at any cost. In this situation, guaranteed service looks like a blessing. You will ignore everything like experience, strike rate and branding before guaranteed service. It is 100% win and you won’t to lose this moment.

6) Free tips

Some websites offer free tips but they are unreliable as there is no one to take responsibility of losing the bet. Free tips save money but they don’t give any guarantee of success. These tips are good for nothing but some punters rely on free tips only.

soccer forecast predictions

soccer forecast predictions


If you want to buy soccer tips, you need locating a reliable tipper that can provide genuine tips at an affordable price. You will search tipsters on search engines, social media and everywhere. But you should know different types of tipsters so that you can find the best tipper to buy predictions from. There are many tipster sites and it’s your responsibility to find the best.