Best English Premier League Online Betting Sites

Best English Premier League Online Betting Sites

English Premier League is a bookmaker’s paradise. With football action happening across almost the whole of the year.

This tournament offers a lucrative option to speculate and bring home humongous monies overnight. 

The betting sites offered everything needed for the speculators to make money from the games they watch in-field or on TV.

Sophistication, user-friendliness, data security means, and easy payment processes put any betting site ahead of the competitors.

Keeping these facts in mind, let’s go through the best EPL Online Betting sites which have made the process for speculators no more than a walk in the garden.

List of 6 Verified Tipsters for English Premier League betting

Verified TipstersTotal TipsTotal WinHit RateTotal ProfitsCategory
SOCCERBETTINGS.TIPS4152364287.72%41231.69Fixed Odds
GENUINE-TIPS.COM5906507485.91%33164.21Fixed Odds
TOTALGOAL-IN.NET6644569885.76%37355.66Fixed Odds
FUTBOL24.TIPS8450695382.28%77978.81Fixed Odds
PREDICTIONSBET.INFO4711416388.37%1118093.12Fixed Odds
EXPERTSOCCERHINT.COM8900769286.43%69717.14Fixed Odds

Where to bet on English Premier League Online?

English Premier League games are available to bet upon at various football betting sites. Multiple options may confuse you. Therefore, when you want to make a wise selection, consider these points about the best English premier league online betting sites:

  1. Quick registration process: It should not be a hassle to become a member of the registration site.
  2. Data security: You may require sharing some financial information like credit card details, or income tax-related identification to make payments or accept big amounts respectively. So, the security system should be super-efficient.
  3. Quick payouts: It helps keep the fun alive and makes taking such risk meaningful.
  4. Adherence to regulations: Your betting site should be following fair gambling practices and regulations.
  5. Heavy bonuses: These allow you to bet more and often. Therefore, these can create more earning opportunities for you.

Some of the betting sites that offer a top-class experience to the punters by having the features mentioned above are: Bet365, William Hill, Betfair, Betfred; to quote the top ones in the section.

Which are the fast pay-outs providing Premier League sites?

Faster payout is one of the lucrative features available with the best English Premier League online betting sites.

This feature engages customers in a quality way and rewards them aptly for all the risks they take.

Since the returns are quick, the punters get to enjoy the money earned in no time. It also helps them stay in the game due to a high cash-in-hand.

Some of the Premier League sites known for very quick pay-outs are:

  1. Paddy Power: Its frequent early pay-outs announcements find you boasting of your Irish luck often.
  2. Ladbrokes: It was previously an enterprise of Hilton Hotel, but after breaking away with the brand became one of the most talked-about bookmakers. You can find here a double whammy of quick pay-outs and competitive odds. 
  3. Marathon Bet: A huge fanbase of this betting site is attributed to the top odds and quick pay-outs facilities it offers.

Which betting sites pay the best bonuses to Premier League speculators?

Bonuses are a way to entice new customers with lucrative betting opportunities.

The doubling of the deposit amounts or offering free bets are some of the time-tested ways used by the best English Premier online betting sites to engage the new users.

Some of the best sites to consider, if you are a bonuses’ fan are:

  • 888Sports: Offering some of the most handpicked odds, this betting site in the UK has an irresistible welcome bonus scheme.

    The offer says, “Bet £10 get £30 in Free bets”. It also offers a £10 casino bonus along with it.
  • BetVictor: When you deposit £5, the bonus amount credited for betting is £30. It is one of the most lucrative options available. Since the deposit requirement is not £10, which is usually demanded on most of the sites, the situations are worth the punt.
  • Bet365: This betting site offers the best live betting experience. It offers the most enticing odds. The icing on the cake is its welcome bonus that doubles the amount you pay as a deposit, up to £100 in bet credits.

What are the various bet types available in EPL betting sites?

The best English Premier League online betting sites are those that keep things simple and lucrative for the betting enthusiasts.

These sites may offer ready-made tips or come with the most competitive odds. There is something available for all kinds of risk mongers.

Some of the bet types you can find at the EPL betting sites are:

  1. Top 4 finish: The speculators can put money on their favorites and win money when they take the top 4 positions as predicted.
  2. Top 6 to finish: The EPL is a highly competitive space. This bet is less risky than the top 4 ones and allows more people to try their luck.
  3. Top Goalscorer: Your research on the players’ fitness and present form, past performance in the home and away grounds, and off-the-field news can help you bet on the top goal scorer of the tournament.
  4. Relegation and Promotions: You can bet live at some places like Bet365 on the teams likely to get promoted or relegated in the 2020-2021 season.
  5. Top 2 finish: If you have expert-level knowledge about the game and a high-risk appetite too, you can select your two top teams and bet on their ending up as winner and runners-up.
  6. Some unique bets for the 2020/21 Premier League: Next manager to resign or get fired, who will score a game from their half, next manager for a few chosen teams, transfer markets, or who will be transferred to other teams.

What are the types of promotional offers available at the best EPL betting sites?

Promotions keep the betting sites from getting monotonous. These lucrative offers also show that the site is active and that it works in a customer-centric manner.

Some of the promotional offers available at the top betting sites read something like these:

  1. Receive a certain amount this weekend if your favorite team disappoints you
  2. Get paid if your favorite goalscorer scores a half-century of goals
  3. Money-back as a bonus if the first bet is lost,

And, several other types! You might even win an iPad Air as a part of a promotional scheme if you have put the trust in the right sites.


EPL is the tournament that is most bet upon. The best English Premier League Online betting sites do a lot of many things to keep you on your toes.

With fair practices, great promotion schemes, and engaging interfaces, these sites can change your luck for the better.

Their ways of creating customer experiences keep the betting experts hooked up to these understandably.

Perhaps, this is the reason why the global online betting business is anticipated to be valued at a higher side of 92.9 bn dollars by 2023, according to Statista.