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kiểm tra lại - bet-portal.net

trang mạng: http://www.bet-portal.net

phương châm: Football Picks and Predictions

Thông tin trang: Betting Portal

Xếp hạng: VERY LOW

Lừa đảo / Gian lận?: SCAM

Xếp hạng hiện tại là 1 dựa trên đánh giá.

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kiểm tra lại

This site is offering 100% accurate results and also it is offering easy subscription. It looks attractive but smells scam. If you look closely, you will find that it is finding easy targets for making quick money by selling false tips.

Ý kiến của người dùng

Carter 2018-04-29 Bình luận về bet-portal.net

bet-portal.net is complete cheaters site and fake offers. I am literally crooked. So guys beware of this site! Bloody spammers.

Avgoustinos 2018-02-07 Bình luận về bet-portal.net

bet-portal.net completely disgusting one. On the last week, a subscribe tips with 500$, This site promised me after two lost betting I will get one free betting offers. I completely lost my money and neither get any free bet nor this sites customer care reply me regarding this. I found this site only gives fake promises. So be careful guys!

Sylvester 2017-12-02 Bình luận về bet-portal.net

Most fake odds you will get at winning edge. The horrible thing I have ever faced. I seriously feeling helpless after buying odds from this fraud site. No response, no return, and no email. Nothing! Completely fraud one! Don\'t ever subscribe its service.

Charlotte 2017-09-22 Bình luận về bet-portal.net

It\'s completely a fake portal. All the odds are fake. The most disgusting experience I have with this site. Bloody spammers! Total money grabbing shits, they pick and choose when they want to pay cash out. And did not get it back again. You fraud! You should be banned. Never subscribe it\'s service guys.