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kiểm tra lại - vyhravame.sk

trang mạng: http://www.vyhravame.sk

phương châm: Sports Predictions 2017

Thông tin trang: Soccer Predictions - Fraud Syndicate

Xếp hạng: VERY LOW

Lừa đảo / Gian lận?: SCAM

Xếp hạng hiện tại là 1 dựa trên đánh giá.

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kiểm tra lại

This site has no past history of providing tips and whatever tips it has provided in recent times are manipulated.

Ý kiến của người dùng

Ju 2017-12-28 Bình luận về vyhravame.sk

vyhravame.sk is one of the cheaters site. Completely Bug! I hate this site odds. All the odds are fake. Soccer lover don\'t even think to try this site it\'s a spam one. I lost completely $1500. The fake odds I only receive. Liers!

Contonor 2017-10-18 Bình luận về vyhravame.sk

On the last week, a subscribe odds with 200 USD, This vyhravame.ck site promised me after two lost betting I will get one free betting offers. I completely lost my money and neither get any free bet nor this sites customer care reply me regarding this. I found this site only gives fake promises. So be careful guys!