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There is More to Soccer Predictions Than the Final Score

If you have been following the English Premier League for a while but haven’t got round to placing a bet on your predicted winning team but would like to have a go, our soccer betting syndicate at is a great way to start. You can join us for soccer betting syndicate with your friends so you can make the most out of our reliable tips.
We don’t just offer predictions on the final score as you can bet on our predictions on your favourite teams at half time too. This gives you two chances of winning in the same match!

We cover every soccer matches around the world

We offer soccer betting tips for all the different matches such as the English Premier League, the Champions League, matches from the FIFA cup and Asian Championship tournaments. We provide the best tips available online whether you live in Africa, the Americas, Asia, or Europe and in fact anywhere in the world.
We have the finest tipsters on our team who will offer you the greatest chances of winning when you place a bet. After selecting your tipster from our list you have the chance of winning combo bets, exact score bets, mixed parlay, fulltime bets and halftimes . You can win on fixed matches bets too. Our aim is to help bettors to find tipsters that will help them win and we know your chance of winning using your own guesswork will be a waste of your money.

How to place a bet

Soccer started just as a sport. It didn’t take long before betting was introduced often amongst friends. Pints of beer or drams of scotch in those days were offered as rewards for the best predictions. These soccer fans get a lot out of both watching and betting.
These days making your own predictions are not as reliable, so millions of pounds or dollars get lost at every match because of poorly thought out predictions. Being able to reliably predict is made more difficult by the fact that the betters don’t know the individual players as well as they did in the past.
Players are worth millions and many don’t even stay with one team for too long. The only route for making betting a profitable activity for you is to purchase soccer tips from a reliable source like us at You should begin by focussing on your favourite teams and make bests that pay the most after buying your tips from one of our well-known, accurate tipsters.

How does a tipster get reliable tips?

Our tipsters use various methods, such as recording the outcome of matches, assessing the strengths of the team, watching which players are playing for the different teams and following the way captains and managers are working with their teams. Reading what the media is saying is important too. We also have contact with people in our soccer betting syndicate. Information on players’ performance is important to us and we keep informed of any injuries of star players that might affect their team’s performance on the pitch.

3 Reasons why you should choose our tipsters

  • Someone else does the predicting for you
  • Your chance of winning is higher
  • Your winnings will be greater than going it alone