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Authentic English Premier League Predictions and Tips

English Premier League is the top-tier football tournament in English Football. Its winners are promoted to European Football tournaments like Euro Cup, La Liga, etc. The prediction on this league starts mostly around February, when the transfers and management changes take place. Therefore, the premier league tips are available way before the actual match date arrives. At Soccer Tipsters, you will find the most updated and verified tips reaching you way before than any other site releases. Thus, by teaming with our tipster network, you are most likely to win lots of booties from the English Premier League matches.

Verified premier league tipsters

The most important benefit of following EPL predictions available on our site is that these are fully verified. Our Premier League predictions & tips verification system is one of the most robust and fool-proof. The Premier League tipsters are selected based on the frequency and accuracy of the tips they submit to us. We select and approve tipsters in our network after thorough investigation. The tips are to be submitted every 24 hours here before 10 am, and once submitted, these are unalterable. Thus, no tipster can get away with submitting a fake tip, and can be kicked out immediately if results are found bogus. Also, the prediction followers can have benefit of complementary tips or replacement tips for the tips that did not work well.

How to read premier league prediction

When you read the English Premier League predictions, you can find several points about the match. The predictions are presented in the form of odds. The odds favour the team that is tagged bookmakers’ favourite from the very start. Any team becomes favourite when its odds of ruling the tournament are deemed high by bookies. The other team is considered underdog.

So, when you are reading the predictions, always do the homework first. And, keep an eye on the team’s current performance and form too. The favourites are given minus sign and the underdogs are presented by a plus. Also, the odds favouring the strong team are mostly very low-priced. Thus, you can pick to favour or oppose a bet when your hunch and research matches the predictions available on the Top 10 soccer tipsters

Most Accurate English Premier League predictions

If you are searching for the most accurate premier league predictions & tips, you can come to us. We are the best in the industry in terms of providing tips. Backed by extensive research and to-the-point tools, our tips stand out in accuracy and delivery. Whenever you plan to bet without preparations, like for today’s matches, our Premier League tipster support can help you make correct decisions.

Our team of Premier League tipsters can do the homework for you when you are playing in time-pressed manner. We are always confident of our results; that is why, we offer tipster replacement guarantee to the bettors when they buy tips from our network.

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All predictions & tips of premier league at one place

Our USP lies in extensive coverage of all premier league matches. This tournament is full of high-octane matches. Players give their all as they consider this tournament a high point in their football career. Thus, every match is worth placing upon. But, those matches which are played to defend a title or position in table are the ones where tipping action is the highest. Such matches may be a bit tricky to guess, and so, buying tips from premier league experts can help you make good money, and reduce losses too.

History of English Premier League (EPL)

The English premier league make up a professional league of men's association soccer clubs. Because it’s the leading English football league, it’s Britain’s foremost football competition. It involves 20 clubs and functions on relegation and promotion. The Welsh clubs of the English Football League are able to compete if they qualify in the English football league. All these teams are open to English premier league tips throughout the English premier league season.

Premier League most popular globally

The Premier League is the sports league most often viewed throughout the world as it is broadcast in up to 212 territories to around 643 million homes with a possible TV audience of 4.7 billion viewers. In the 2014–15 season the mean Premier League attendance to matches was more than 36,000. This is the 2nd highest out of all professional football leagues, with the Bundesliga's remaining at 43,500. Most of the time the stadiums record almost full capacity for English Premier League tips to take place. The Premier League has a ranking of 3rd place based on performances throughout the last 5 seasons in European competitions.

Since the start of the English Premier League in 1992 only 6 teams have been successful in winning titles. These are 13 for Manchester United, 5 for Chelsea, 3 for Arsenal, 2 for Manchester City, 1 for Blackburn Rovers and 1 for Leicester City. The present champions are Chelsea, who in May 2017 won the title after playing English Premier League.