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Slogan: Full Analysis and Sure Soccer Tips

Site Info: Sports Predictions - Fraud Syndicate

Rating: VERY LOW

Scam/Fraud?: SCAM

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This site has a copied design, fake results and false promises. It is 100% fraud and buying tips from this site will result in loss.

User Opinions

eli 2018-01-08 Commented on

Save your self from this cheaters site. Not a single winner soccer tips you will get here. Believe me, I completely lost $500! This site only deals with fake tips. Such a fraud site.

James 2017-08-17 Commented on

Don\'t even try its free odds, it\'s completely fake and no worth to use. And its disgusting customer care time has no value for others emotions and money. I am waiting for their reply one month already passed.

Nhat Nhat 2016-11-03 Commented on

Before joinng this service (or any other service fake 'approved' by search the keywords in google - you will find plenty of forum posts and topics all explaing you what this all actually is ... these are manipulative schemes for stupid gamblers. Its unethical and nothing but fraud.