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Slogan: Soccer Betting For Winning

Site Info: Soccer Predictions - Fraud Synticate

Rating: VERY LOW

Scam/Fraud?: SCAM

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This site is termed as fraud on social media and review websites. Many bettors have lost their investment on its tips and now these bettors want to alert others from this site.

User Opinions

Caleb 2018-04-29 Commented on

Bloody Spammer. Never ever go to this site, it\'s completely a fraud one! It\'s one of the biggest spammers. In return back you will get nothing.

Gef 2018-02-07 Commented on offers the worst and most false soccer tips. Complete fraudsters! All the offers and tips are fake no use. The site should be banned from online.

Ming 2017-12-02 Commented on

If someone saying site is good then I must say the user is blind. All the betting odds are useless and always doing fake promise! Guy\'s be aware of the cheater site. All the services are just fake. Be aware!

Logan 2017-09-22 Commented on

Not a single-valued odds I found here. While I start betting they promised me to offer 100% winning odds. But everything is false. The worst soccer betting site with idiot customer service, been waiting for a reply for more than 2 weeks.Complete disaster. Not a single win I get still now. Spm site!

JimmiNu 2017-09-09 Commented on