Verified and Tested Soccer Bet Tips

What Betting is All About

We are virtually half way through the English Premier League soccer season and thousands of people have amassed cash for Christmas just through the betting they have done on EPL this season. You still have time to cash in on this trend by using reliable soccer betting tips from, which has an enviable track record for offering soccer betting tips to thousands of people throughout the world who want to add to their bank accounts to pay for their lifestyles.

What is betting?

If you don’t really know what betting is, sports’ betting is when you predict sports results. However, there are some terms you should be familiar with first.

Fulltime result

In soccer the commonest soccer bet is predicting the match result at the end of the game. The person placing the bet predicts either a win for Team A, a win for Team B or a draw where the score is the same for both teams.

Total number of goals under or over

The person placing the bet has to decide if the number of goals scored is likely to be more or less than the prediction.

Correct Score

This is making a prediction of the score when the game comes to an end.

Full time and Half time

This is when you predict the goal result at both half and full time in the same bet. For this type of bet there are 9 possible results.

1st Goal Scorer

This bet is to predict the player who will score the 1st first goal in the game.

Normal time and bets

Almost all types of betting take place what is called normal time. Sometimes a soccer match includes a few minutes of additional time added time which means the game goes over the normal 90 minutes, which is called normal time.

Toto pool

This is when you place a bet on the outcome of several soccer matches. Toto has three types which are select betting, 1-x-2 betting and result betting.1-x-2 betting is when you predict the scores of several soccer matches which could be up to 16. When you are filling in the prediction sheets you use certain symbols which are

  • Home Win is ‘1’
  • Draw is ‘X’
  • Away is ‘2’

Selective Betting

This is when you choose a certain number of matches from a total number, of say 8 out of 50 and place your bet on those outcomes.

Draw betting

This is when your bet is placed on your prediction of which matches will end up in draws.

Goal betting

This is when the person placing chooses the matches which get the highest goals.
Now that you understand a bit more about betting you just need to ask the tipster at to provide soccer betting tips on the games you wish to bet on. This will assure you that you have the greatest chance of winning.
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