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Slogan: Free Soccer(Football) Predictions Daily Tips and Picks

Site Info: Free Soccer Predictions

Rating: VERY LOW

Scam/Fraud?: SCAM

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Offering free service and promising money back for failed tips don’t make a tipster reliable. This site also provides tips but it isn’t a reliable soccer prediction site.

User Opinions

Changying 2017-12-22 Commented on is one of the Cheaters site. Completely Bug! I hate this site tips. All the odds are fake. Soccer lover don\'t even think to try this site it\'s a spam one. I lost completely $1500. The fake tips I only receive. Liers!

Levi 2017-10-12 Commented on

Ha, the name sounds completely funny. So as its disgusting odds. I am completely crooked! All the handicap odds and HT/FT odds this site offers that are completely fake! The site should be Banned!

Jaxon 2017-08-10 Commented on

Site information is completely fraud. This site offers fake odds for different soccer matches I am personally experienced. Please avoid it. It\'s the spam site.

Hans 2016-11-03 Commented on

I agree. Been following this site only a few weeks so perhaps my opinnion is a bit too short-term but its really hard to make profit with zulubet. I try to find tips with average odd 1.7-2-1 and zulubet\'s outcome predictions percentage higher than 50%. No motivation to use zulubet anymore because winrate is 40% and doesnt seem to go up 2016-08-03 Commented on

SCAM. Code on site is from

bet365 2016-08-19 Commented on and look similar indeed but when you look closely you can see that the odds and %ges are somewhat different. Not suprised if they belong to the same owner tho...i ve seen even more sites very similar