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Slogan: Soccer Predictions For This Week

Site Info: Soccer Predictions

Rating: VERY LOW

Scam/Fraud?: SCAM

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Do not trust this site as it does scams. Its objective is to make subscribers and forfeit their deposits even after promising money back guarantee for failed tips.

User Opinions

riley 2018-01-08 Commented on

With I have most horrible experience. Completely, cheaters, you are the complete fraud. Your disgusting odds have no value. Don\'t subscribe its services guys. Not a single winning tips you will find here.

Noah 2017-08-17 Commented on

One of the biggest mistake I did after purchasing odds from this site. They are completely valueless and no use. When I tried to complain it and emailed. No Response. Most faked one!

Berin Abu 2016-07-06 Commented on

I subscribed to a vip group under with the website name for over a week now and no winning from his games and when u tend to critisize his poor performance he removes you from the group so u don't become a problem to others who just believe in him. Please I want you to see how he stops to cheat people of their money because he is not for real.(scam)