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Slogan: Soccer Predictions and Tips for Tomorrow

Site Info: Soccer Predictions Service

Rating: VERY LOW

Scam/Fraud?: SCAM

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It isn’t difficult to see fraud in this site. A fraudster is running this site with forged results and false claims.

User Opinions

Shen 2018-01-19 Commented on information is completely fraud. This site offers fake odds for different soccer matches I am personally experienced. Please avoid it. It\'s the spam site.

Joshua 2017-11-09 Commented on

In online the worst soccer betting site which I have found is You cheat spammer only taking the money and in return giving nothing and so as your service. You should be banned!

Sebastian 2017-08-31 Commented on

All the betting odds are useless and always doing fake promise! Guy's be aware of the cheater's site. All the services are just fake. Be aware! 2016-11-02 Commented on

they are worst , please help me down the website

Tobi tob 2017-03-01 Commented on

Please I want you all to know that this site is a scam they claim to be a predicting site when you pay you get nothing than rubbish message don't fall for it am helping out some folks who reported them to me and since am a technology person am ready to spoil the image of the website.

Benjamin 2017-03-17 Commented on

Tobi use your time better....even the site you commented in don't even come close to them in world ranking(that's if you understand that).

micky 2017-02-22 Commented on

Scam! Scam! Scam!.... Not worth a penny.... I wouldn't recommend anyone to fall for this scam...

fabiscus 2017-02-27 Commented on

Solopredict is a scam. The vip is nothing but a scam. I was a victim. Please don't fall a victim too