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Slogan: Paid Soccer Tips for Betting odds

Site Info: Soccer Predictions - Fraud Syndicate

Rating: VERY LOW

Scam/Fraud?: SCAM

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Betting prediction without any connection with betting syndicates is scam. This site has no relation to soccer betting but it offers 100% reliable tips. It is scam.

User Opinions

Jia 2018-01-25 Commented on

In online is one of the worst betting sites which I have ever found. You cheat spammer only taking the money and in return giving nothing and so as your service. You should be banned! Disgusting experience. All the tips are worthless!

Oliver 2017-11-14 Commented on bloody spammers site. Never ever go to this site, it\'s completely a fraud one! It\'s one of the biggest spammers. In return back you will get nothing.

Alicia 2017-09-03 Commented on

The most cheated betting site I found. I am just crooked with this site almost lost $3000. All the betting odds are completely fake. SPAMMERS!

Tok Tok 2017-03-14 Commented on

This is very scam website . They cheated on their records . I have proof if any one of you want.