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Slogan: Soccer Tips From Pros

Site Info: Soccer Predictions - Fraud Syndicate

Rating: VERY LOW

Scam/Fraud?: SCAM

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This site can’t provide reliable tips as it has no experience of making tips and also it isn’t related to any experienced tipster website.

User Opinions

Dainen 2018-02-01 Commented on

Don\'t waste your hard money on this fake soccer site! It\'s completely irregular and wastage of money as well as time. No return you will get Completely fraud site. I swear you will get lot\'s of trouble after subscribing its tips.

Alzbeta 2017-11-22 Commented on is one of the disgusting soccer sites! Never ever go to this site, it\'s completely a fraud one! It\'s one of the biggest spammers. In return back you will get nothing.

Alexandre Souza 2017-11-16 Commented on

I´m waiting for their answer too
It looks like a great scam
My advise is stay away from these guys

James 2017-09-12 Commented on

FREE ODDs My FOOT! FAKE ODDS. Don\'t even try its free odds, it\'s completely fake and no worth to use. And it\'s disgusting customer care time has no value for others emotions and money. I am waiting for their reply one month already passed.