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Slogan: Grand Soccer Prediction Sites

Site Info: Soccer Predictions Service

Rating: VERY LOW

Scam/Fraud?: SCAM

Current rating is 1 based on review.


Bettors should beware from this site as it is fraud. It has manipulated its winrate and other data to sell false tips.

User Opinions

Gelar 2018-02-03 Commented on

This tips is completely a fake site which only offers fake odds. Those have no value. The most disgusting experience I have with this fake site. Spammed site. All the odds are just fake.

Audrey 2017-11-23 Commented on

Disgusting! Never ever prefer this soccer tipster site, it\'s completely a fraud one! It\'s one of the biggest spammers. In return back you will get nothing.

Noah 2017-09-11 Commented on

Biggest frauds! The biggest mistake I did after purchasing odds from this site. They are completely valueless and no use. When I tried to complain it and emailed. No Response. Most faked one!

Karm 2016-11-01 Commented on

C\'min mickael...look at their yield %\'s 1 vs 1billion to have almost the same % each month. In the page footer they have like 100 flashing ad-banners with sites who are well known scammers. With so nice % why donbt they bet big amounts of money bythemselves? This thing stinks..

mickael 2016-11-01 Commented on

I used this prediction service. All statistic was really not changed. When match lost I got free tips next day. Even I had some profit from them.

Daniel 2016-11-01 Commented on

I bought week membership and I am happy because I got good profit only two tips lost of my week nice job mates!

Christian 2016-11-01 Commented on

I love you guys, your job is very well, all matches are professional analyzing, your team are one of the best my dealers of betting, thank you so much.

Antoine 2016-09-15 Commented on

I tried the week membership and was very satisfied not only with the results (got 6 won from 7) but also with the all round service as they provide email notifications after every tip and for other services like membership expiry notification etc...

Bet4Life 2016-05-27 Commented on

I have info that service is honest but my opinion is that like most service when they have subscribers then history is not over 55% and when they have no one then history is over 70%. Like last two months i have information from some tipsters that bought service history is terrible.

Andreas 2017-07-14 Commented on

I use grandsoccertips predictions long time about half year and I am happy of results. Of course some months was not well but I am gambler and I know that effectively turning soccer bets into a decent investment over the long run as said grandsoccertips team. So I will use this service and continue make profit of betting.

Matsad 2016-11-01 Commented on

Not 100% sure but i thing the monthly percenatges are not the same as it was a few months ago :D Seems like they decided to make some conseptual changes, Scam anuway

Hagen 2016-11-01 Commented on

I have recommended your soccer betting tips to my friends and I would like to be a permanent member of this site. My sincere thanks for helping increase my profits. You guys are amazing!

Sonny 2016-11-01 Commented on

What kind of team of professional soccer bettors are when they fallen on Bayern and Juventus

Jozef 2016-11-01 Commented on

I have been following soccer tips for one week, I am so unhappy, because everyone tips was faked, I got no profit, my week results 1Win and 5Lose, so I think it is bad result and I highly not recommend them to any newbie or a veteran!

Edward 2016-11-01 Commented on

There are few tipsters online I don\'t mind paying money to and these tips are definitely one of them. Of course last months wasn\'t very good but this is soccer and profit will earning in long term not instantly.

Edward 2016-11-01 Commented on

You are haters. Do you everyone used this service? I think so not. So why you say something and blame if you not using...

Jozef 2016-11-01 Commented on

Some friends recommend this betting site, but he told me to be careful, because last months result are not so good, I am not idiot and understand, but I wont to try and after my week I got profit, so I happy and continue subscription.

Bob 2016-11-01 Commented on

Maybe isn\'t fake but not worth for that money with loot of half WIN

Bet4Life 2016-11-01 Commented on

Josef why you don\'t followed him from 14-06-15 until 20-06-15, 7 loose in row WOW WTF

Sonny 2016-11-01 Commented on

This is for sure positive comments by admin of the website under different users :)))

Bet4Life 2016-11-01 Commented on

Haters??? Edward i was toked in May, June and July and you can see result.

Sonny 2016-11-01 Commented on

Mauro not fake but from may until today stats isn\'t more that 54% so.... is good result for you?

Bob 2016-11-01 Commented on

Probably admin don\'t have subscribers at the moment, and he promote service under different names

Mauro 2016-11-01 Commented on

I have tested Tips of the Week. All results is correct (5WIN and 2Lose) I think that this soccer betting websites isn\'t scammer because statistics is real not faked as others my tested websites.

Bet4Life 2016-11-01 Commented on

@Darren yes is trusted when they have customers and is 55% ,but when they don\'t have customers then can manipulate. For 250 euro month and odd 1.75 with half win don\'t worth. I have this service since may 2015 with some break but I am in minus and only two months was profit and other and others months????

john 2016-11-01 Commented on please I can trust this site? I believe some one should send to me examples of the max bet and fixed matches before it is played. I have been scammed by many sites trials before payment is better and maintain a long relationship . Thank you.

Darren 2016-11-01 Commented on

Why this site\'s admin deleted my post? I said that I tried montly membership and everything was trusted. Of my membership one week was very bad, but others weeks so good. I don\'t know or was profit of others months, but of my month I got profit and I\'m in plus, so I continue membership!