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Slogan: Soccer Tips for Winners 2017

Site Info: Soccer Predictions Service

Rating: VERY LOW

Scam/Fraud?: SCAM

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Soccer tips are made with the help of insiders but this site has no insiders in the soccer betting syndicates. But it claims to be a real tipster and sells its fake tips.

User Opinions

Lian 2018-01-29 Commented on

Don\'t waste your hard money on this fake soccer site! It\'s complete wastage of money as well as time. No return you will get Completely fraud site. I swear you will get lot\'s of trouble after subscribing its tips.

Ben 2017-11-17 Commented on

Not a single profit you will get here only offers fake tips. Most disgusting tips they are actually providing. Money eater site. Don\'t subscribe!

Richard 2017-09-06 Commented on

I have completely cheated.This site comes with fake promotional tips and odds. Don't spend your hard money on this fraud site. Be aware.

Lukas 2017-03-31 Commented on

confirm this is a scam website, anyone want proof?

Frank Guthrie 2017-04-13 Commented on

This site claims to win 85% of its picks. I don't know if they release their picks at the start of the game for record verification purposes. I would bet that they don't. 85 percent over a two year period is too good to be true.

ann 2017-04-12 Commented on

85% is nonsense but their history is true

Desislav 2016-11-01 Commented on

It\'s not scam. Their history is true

Bet4Life 2017-03-31 Commented on

Where is archive for March 2015, i was bough and lot of lose

Yakohama 2016-11-01 Commented on

Tips is wrong, i have strike lose. Dont trusting this website. Angry