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Slogan: #1 Professional Soccer Betting Tipster

Site Info: Soccer Predictions - Fraud Syndicate

Rating: VERY LOW

Scam/Fraud?: SCAM

Current rating is 1 based on review.


This site claims to make decent profit by providing reliable tips and also it promises money back guarantee for failed tips but if you track its background and past history, you will be provided unrealistic data.

User Opinions

Avgoustinos 2018-02-07 Commented on all the betting tips are completely useless and always doing fake promise! Guy\'s be aware of the cheater\'s site. All the services are just fake. Be aware!

Su 2017-11-28 Commented on

In the name of this site promoting its fake tips. Completly spammed one. Your name should be Cheated shit, you fraud scammer! Fake offers with fake odds which have no value. Disgusting site please avoid it.

Zordan 2017-09-15 Commented on

What a crap! The complete cheated site which I have found in my soccer betting career! All the odds they are offering absolutely fake. Don\'t trust them. I lose completely $1500. Such disgusting experience I have.