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Slogan: Verified Soccer Picks

Site Info: Soccer Predictions - Fraud Syndicate

Rating: VERY LOW

Scam/Fraud?: SCAM

Current rating is 1 based on review.

Review has verified credentials of this site and it declares that it is fraud. Bettors should buy no tip from this site as it can’t give true tips.

User Opinions

Auton 2018-02-07 Commented on is a spammed on, I have the worst experience with this site. The worst soccer betting tips with idiot customer service, been waiting for a reply for more than weeks. Do NOT subscribe. You people should be banned.

Su 2017-12-02 Commented on

In online is one of the worst betting sites which I have ever found. You cheat spammer only taking the money and in return giving nothing and so as your service. You should be banned! Disgusting experience. All the tips are worthless!

Cooper 2017-09-20 Commented on

Don\'t subscribe its odds. Bloody spammers! Total money grabbing shits, they pick and choose when they want to pay cash out. And did not get it back again. You fraud! You should be banned.

Fraud side 2016-11-01 Commented on

Even if they won\'t reply you.after takeing money from you.